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Vambrace: Cold Soul has a new Story Trailer

vambrace cold soul has a new story trailer in linux mac windows pc games

Vambrace: Cold Soul has a new story trailer in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Devespresso Games are eager to share the excitement. Since the title is due to release next month on Steam and GOG.

Vambrace: Cold Soul is a solid example of global collaborations. And also what they are capable of creating.
The game weaves the beautiful, handcrafted illustrations. Since this shows off Korean artist Minho Kim. With an epic narrative from American writer and game designer, T.L. Riven.
Therefore the result of this worldwide collaboration. Means that this is a truly unique fantasy adventure. Which also features the best of western game design principles. Along with unique eastern aesthetics.
So if you’re into strategic gameplay. Vambrace’s story rich roguelike mechanics will keep you on edge. Immersing you into hours of dungeon delving mayhem.

Vambrace: Cold Soul Story Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Players will take on the role of Evelia Lyric. While you embark on several expeditions. These will truly test your mettle as a leader. Before departing, visit the recruiting board to assemble your team. Since each member brings their unique strengths and abilities. Both to combat and the expedition itself.
So you can craft new items from old loot in Vambrace: Cold Soul. Make sure your party is properly equipped. The journey to the surface to fulfill your objectives. The path ahead will be fraught with difficulties. But every one of the game’s seven chapters offers unique challenges. While affirm different party combinations. And a high level of replayability.

In Vambrace: Cold Soul, Lyric is given a relic. Not just any, but an ancient relic known as the Aetherbrace. Doing so after her father’s passing. She then embarks from the human realm of Edena. All on an expedition into the frigid, Dwarven kingdom of Dokkheim. It is there she hopes to find answers. Which may also reveal more about the strange artifact. And her father’s mysterious past.
Be sure to check out the game’s Story Trailer. This is an introduction to Vambrace: Cold Soul. While Evelia Lyric makes her fateful journey to the cursed city of Icenaire.

Vambrace: Cold Soul will release on Linux, Mac and Windows. Launching on the May, 28th. Which will also be available on Steam and GOG.

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