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Vaudeville is Verified for Steam Deck

vaudeville is verified for steam deck in this noir detective game on linux and windows pc

Vaudeville is Verified for Steam Deck in this noir detective game on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to Bumblebee Studios for their unwavering dedication and support, making all this possible. Available with a discount on Steam and on itch (Steam code included).

Big news in the world of digital entertainment: Vaudeville, the unique noir detective experience crafted by Bumblebee Studios, is now Verified and perfectly optimized for the Deck. What does that mean for you? Let’s break it down.

First off, Steam Deck is a powerful, portable device that lets you enjoy your favorite titles on the go. So now, Vaudeville has received the much-coveted “Steam Deck Verified” badge. This little badge is a big deal—it tells you that the game isn’t just going to work on the handheld console, it’s going to shine.

When a title earns this badge, it’s a guarantee of excellence on the Steam Deck. This means you get full use of the handheld console’s built-in controls, its screen, and even its microphone. Plus, you won’t have to fiddle with any settings — Vaudeville is Verified to work seamlessly with the Steam Deck’s default controller setup.

Vaudeville Trailer (now Verified)

For those who are already navigating the Steam Deck’s user interface for Vaudeville, spotting the “Verified” badge is easy. It’s like a green light signaling that you’re in for a smooth, optimized experience. Bumblebee Studios didn’t just throw the game onto a new platform; they’ve put in the work to make sure it’s tailored to the Steam Deck’s unique capabilities.

Simone Odoardi, the founder of Bumblebee Studios, has been pretty vocal about their aim to make the title widely accessible. They’ve already expanded Vaudeville to Linux, and now, achieving the “Steam Deck Verified” status. This also shows that they’re serious about making sure players get a quality experience, no matter where they choose to dive into their world.

For those wanting to see the proof, just check out the Steam page. There you’ll find the “Verified” badge proudly displayed for Vaudeville. You can also click the ‘more info’ button for all the tech details.

In short, the Steam Deck Verified badge is like a quality stamp for Vaudeville. It means the noir detective title is not just playable but optimized for play on the go. It’s a big win for those who love the flexibility of gaming wherever and whenever. So, if you’re a fan of immersive experiences and have a Steam Deck, check out this latest achievement on Steam and on itch (Steam code included). While priced at $12.99 USD / £10.88 / 12,67€ with the 35% discount. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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