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Vector 36 physics based racing simulation launches on Steam

vector 36 racing simulation launches on steam linux mac pc

So Vector 36 the #physicsbased #racer released onto Early Access back in April 2016. Hence this #Unity engine release includes Linux support, as well as Mac and Windows PC. Since Vector 36 has fully launched on Steam. The madness is real, so you will want to get into a few games to get the feel for things.
Since the games environment is the terraform surface of Mars. Players get to pilot a Skimmer. Hence the completely customizable, surface skimming vehicle. With total control over every component, players are responsible for how your Skimmer performs in each of the games. So piloting skill and engineering make the difference between winning and losing.

So race other pilots through various tracks on Mars. Compete in Sprint, Circuit, or Tournament modes to win credits, parts, or new Skimmers.

Each part of your Skimmer is abiding to the laws of physics. So moving internal components will shift the center of gravity, adjusting angles to thrusters will affect its flight characteristics. Hence be mindful.

The games basic Skimmer information

Since fine tuning is the difference between winning and losing. Choose from a wide selection of parts, accessories, passive weapons, or support gear to adjust you Skimmer to a task. Whether it’s a quick sprint at full boost. Or an endurance race with hardened parts, or a hill climb where lift is more important than thrust; evolve or get left behind.

Check out new skimmers, tracks, obstacles, support bots, parts, weapons, opponents and game modes. Vector 36 will keep growing over time. Hence the only thing missing, multiplayer!!

Available now on Steam, Vector 36 has been released on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And we have a couple of keys, find us on Discord.

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