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Vectorlord twin stick developer on support

vectorlord twin stick developer on support for linux windows pc

Vectorlord twin stick shooter game developer details on support for Linux beside Windows PC. Thanks to feedback from NerveQuake Software. Due to release on Steam. But going forward, support will get better.

Vectorlord is their debut title. The game will also be blasting it’s way onto Windows PC this summer. While allowing you to battle the all consuming Infectophage. All in a challenging old school twin stick shooter. Taking inspiration by the heyday of ‘90s DOS gaming.

So naturally, I reached out for details on Linux support. And ended up getting a reply from two developers of NerveQuake.

We build everything in house. As for libraries to grab graphical contexts we use SDL2 to get an OpenGL context. Regarding Linux, we are unlikely at present to have the resources to spare to do a Linux port. Despite this, the fact that we are using OpenGL and SDL means it works just fine in Wine and steams version, Proton.

This reply doesn’t look good for Vectorlord. But the fact that open source is in the mix, it’s encouraging. Not only that but the developer uses a custom game engine. But is also able to confirm support via Wine and Proton.

Where things get interesting:

Depending on how well the game does. And what we feel demand is, we may do a Linux port.

Well we’ve all hear this before. Which simply comes down to sale. Actually, this was the comment I heard a lot back in say 2013. When Unity 3D was starting to really make it’s mark in gaming. But this is a completely custom game engine. So here’s where things look up.

Development on our next project is happening on Windows and Linux simultaneously so the next NerveQuake release should fully support both platforms.

Past Vectorlord, I do not have details on the next project, yet. But for that game, we will have a Linux port is coming. Meaning that consideration is already in the mix. And it’s worth it to show some love for the developer. When their upcoming titles release this summer, it will be worth a look using Proton.

Development on the engine has been ongoing since 2013 and has been through several major revisions. Custom graphics & audio — no middleware except for some tasks like loading images and some math library stuff.

Get an eyeful of hot neon laser death in the game trailer below.

Vectorlord – Gameplay Trailer

Beneath Vectorlord’s retro aesthetic lies a complex and modern arcade shooter. Players will have to dodge swarms of bullets and battle huge bosses. While they traverse the 20+ levels of the Infectophage tower. To survive, players will learn to warp around the environment to evade fire. Then ‘swim’ through the void between safe platforms. And pummel enemies with melee attacks. As you juggle a variety of powerups and combinable weapon pickups.

Vectorlord also brings some modern twists to old school difficulty. Players only have a limited number of lives to complete the game. So if you run out and it’s Game Over for that save file. And each successive life purchased costs more. But players do have a safety net to fall back on. Taking inspiration from modern classics like Dark Souls. Allowing you to restore lost lives by reclaiming them up from where they fell. As intense as that sounds, Vectorlord offers multiple difficulty settings. Plus options to tone down the neon glow for photosensitive players.


  • Classic ‘90s DOS-era aesthetics meet modern shooter in a world of neon excess.
  • Combine any two weapon power-ups into an even deadlier bullet-spraying hybrid.
  • Ascend the deadly Infectophage tower before it destroys the Vectorlord’s world.
  • Replay earlier levels to gather resources, but beware – enemies grow stronger with time.
  • Shoot, teleport, kick, and master a variety of powerful tide-turning consumable items.
  • Not just for the hardcore. Difficulty levels tuned for casual players and arcade gods alike.
  • Old-school chaos designed with accessibility in mind – tone down the neon if you need it.

Vectorlord twin stick shooter is due to release this summer. Coming to Windows PC. And of course, if the game does well enough, the developer may release Linux support. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.