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Veil of Dust story driven farming RPG coming 2022

veil of dust story driven farming rpg coming 2022 for both linux and windows pc

Veil of Dust story driven farming RPG coming 2022 for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creativity of developer Calamity Bay Games. Due to make its way onto Steam next year.

Veil of Dust: A Homesteading Game is a story driven farming RPG for Linux and Windows PC. The gameplay explores what comes after devastating loss. While you survive in a sparse landscape and find new meaning through your adventures. Make peace with the past and forge a new future by building relationships. Also, creating a new home, and discovering a world beyond the veil.

Veil of Dust takes place in the 1860’s and stars Áine and Shane Callahan. Second generation Irish siblings and recent emigrants to the Eastern Oregon high desert. Their original plan was to traverse the Oregon trail and arrive in the verdant Willamette Valley with their father. But their journey is cut short by tragedy.

The Callahan siblings also have a secret to keep from the rest of the world. Áine takes after her mother in that within her dwells strange and mysterious magical abilities in Veil of Dust. Her brother has taken it upon himself to shield her from a world that would do her harm. But as she grows older she craves independence in a world that doesn’t afford it to her, the tension mounts. The sudden appearance of strange and aggressive monsters. The may also push them to their breaking point.

Veil of Dust: a Homesteading Game – Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Players will eke out a living farming, hunting and foraging while pursuing upgrades for the homestead. In addition to the main storyline centering around the siblings and their trials in discovering the source of the beasts, the players will also be able to pursue extensive storylines for one of three romantic partners per sibling.

Players will also be able to befriend a diverse set of characters in Veil of Dust. They are based on the historic populations of the time and place. All these stories will play out in a sun scorched world of struggle. Both in magic and personal circumstances.

Game Features:

  • Farming – Maintain your supply of seeds; use magic to hasten growth; grow certain crops to fulfill different needs; craft items such as mulch to ward off the desert heat
  • Foraging– Walk the vast expanses and keep your eyes peeled; grab forageables quickly before they escape your notice; obtain unique resources you can’t grow at home
  • Hunting – Track your prey across the open landscape in Veil of Dust. Stalk creatures in the sage; attack skillfully to avoid an escape
  • Fighting – Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your sibling to defend your homestead against magical monsters.
  • Cooking – Resourceful use of every component will yield extra food; obtain new tools to unlock recipes; tasty dishes will help keep morale up; hearty dishes will restore health.
  • Crafting – Outfit your Veil of Dust homestead with upgrades. Ease the challenges of farming; respond to challenges and pressures in creative ways.

Romance-able Characters:

  • Prince Laan of the Zabania Fae nation is a polite and studious young man who has taken quite a liking to Áine, despite the questionable legality of their friendship.
  • Alysse Bengsston is a reserved and nervous water nymph in Veil of Dust. There’s something strange about her that Áine can’t quite put her finger on.
  • Arthur Everdell is a amatuer botanist with a Canadian accent and genteel mannerisms that make him stand out, despite his attempts to blend in.
  • Sylvia Wagner – A daughter of the Wagner family, which runs the major businesses and the church. She is a bright and sunny young woman who is deeply devoted to her faith. Nonetheless, she feels stifled by her duties and is intrigued by Shane’s unencumbered worldview.
  • Nina Williams – The shop-keep working for the Wagner family with seemingly no family or connections in the town. Though she seems sarcastic and prickly on the surface. Shane is impressed by her quick wit and secretly compassionate nature.
  • Clara Taylor – A trail widow with a young child, Clara is without options upon her husband’s death. Land at the end of the Oregon Trail is only awarded to single men or married couples in Veil of Dust. But not lone women. Ever the pragmatist, she has set to seeking out a new husband so that she may provide for her son. Although Shane admires her resilience and easy smile, the sentimentalist in him is uneasy about a purely practical marriage.

Veil of Dust: A Homesteading Game story driven farming RPG is coming for both Linux and Windows PC. Due to arrive on Steam in 2022. So be sure to Wishlist the game.