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Vellum co-op roguelike aims at Steam Deck

vellum co-op action roguelike game is due to get steam steam and playable on linux with proton via windows pc

Vellum co-op action roguelike game is due to get Steam Deck and playable on Linux with Proton via Windows PC. Delving deeper into the title’s universe, developer Alvios Games has shared more exciting details. Coming to Steam.

Protect the Illuminated Library of Vellum is an upcoming action roguelike is due to release in 2024. Where you step into a world where stories and fables are under threat from an enemy known as the Torn. These foes feast on famous tales, and it’s up to you and your friends, playing as magical Scribes, to stop them.

Vellum is not just about fighting; it’s also about strategy and choice. As you become more powerful, so do the Torn. The unique twist? You get to decide how the Torn evolves, adding a strategic layer to each play through. You’ll pick from over 100 Torn Pages, each granting different powers to your enemies. This means you have to think carefully about how to tackle these challenges. While making each run different and exciting.

We currently are working on supporting the Steam Deck. Which is working well (both us devs have one), we’d like to try to support and fix issues with Steam’s Proton layer.

We’ve also worked with Flibitijibibo (Ethan Lee) on Linux work in the past, and if we end up finding issues there we’ll definitely work with him again to resolve them!

Alvios, a small two-person team, has they decided to release this new title on Steam Early Access phase. This strategy is due to manage their quality efforts a great deal better. Their approach mirrors the success they achieved with their previous title, Marble It Up! Ultra, showing their ability to deliver quality title even with limited resources. Which means no native Linux support, for now.

Vellum – Announcement Trailer

In the Vellum world, your character, the Scribe, wields magical inks and unique abilities. The co-op action roguelike has over 70 combination of powers, you can customize your Scribe to suit your play style. Whether you prefer powerful attacks or strategic defenses, there’s a setup for everyone. Plus, it’s all designed for co-op play, allowing you to join forces with friends. You can jump in and out of games seamlessly, working together to mix your powers and take on these challenges.

What sets Vellum apart is the variety and depth of gameplay. Each session, lasting about 30 minutes, is packed with action and strategy. With over 300 powers and upgrades, the options for your team are nearly endless. The “Font” feature lets you and your teammates enhance each other’s abilities. Due to add another layer of teamwork and strategy.

Increase Difficulty:

For those who love a challenge, there are ways to make Vellum even tougher. By adding bindings to your Tomes, you can increase the difficulty for greater rewards. And for fans of literature, the title is full of high-quality puns and references. Adding a layer of humor and wit to your adventure.

Vellum is more than just a typical action title. It blends strategy, customization, doing so in a co-op action roguelike. It’s a world where your decisions matter, both in how you build your character and how you shape your enemies. With its engaging mechanics and unique concept, the title offers a satisfying experience for players looking for both a challenge and a good story. Keep an eye out for its early access release in 2024 and consider adding it to your Wishlist on Steam. Coming to Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. You can also follow the creation progress and join the community on the Vellum Discord server and Twitter.

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