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Vendetta Updates

Guild Software’s space combat massive multiplayer game Vendetta Online has had a few gameplay updates of late, revealed in their latest community newsletter:

Gameplay Change Recap

– Dropped cargo persists for 15 minutes, regardless of sector shutdown. Crates will eventually time out by class, making certain drops last much longer than others.
– New missions from the PCC.
– Scoring issues with Deneb War have been fixed. Deneb web-stats coming.
– Bounty Hunter report consolidated to a weekly post. More uses of in-game news are coming.
– Sound effects tweaked. Audio limiter also added to more platforms.
– Improved the game launcher (Updater) handling of certain timeout cases and network conditions, across all platforms.
– Xang Xi Self Propelled Concussion Launcher now has double the ammo, double the prox radius (60m) costs 1/10th to reload.
– Many, many bugfixes, great and small. No more “lost” convoy ships, etc.
– PC game startup and load process have been changed to use the same loading graphics as the mobile versions.

Our Next Priorities

Revamping the faction system is currently the top “big” gameplay priority. Triple-PoS will go away, and there will be tradeoffs to different factional alignments, along with other long-discussed changes.

Before this drops, however, you may also see some cool Deneb War stuff (web stats, etc), along with more addons for capships, improvements to capship ownership and management, and improvements to station conquest. Some of this work isn’t super time consuming, and we like to drop in quick gameplay improvements whenever we can.

Beyond that, there will be major changes to how missions are visible and available throughout the galaxy, along with a lot of updates intended to bring people together more effectively in the galaxy.

We’re working towards a major update, hopefully slated for an April timeframe. Like all our best laid plans, this could be de-railed by some amazing new opportunity or other, but the current goal is to fix and tweak a lot of areas of gameplay in the near future.

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