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Verde Station a first-person exploration game on a space station

Verde Station a first-person exploration game on a space station

A year alone in space and it will find anyone, They say: #space madness. The big black boredom. The horizonless heebie-jeebies. The endless ennui. Lunarcy. A year aboard Verde Station (for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC) tending plants with only an AI for company and the mundane might start to seem very weird indeed.

erde Station is a first-person exploration game set on a space station. During your year long solo mission you begin to question your sanity. What do you trust most – what you see, what you’re told, or your instincts?

You begin on Day 1 of a year long solo mission aboard Verde Station. Your only companion is the station computer – D.A.V.E. Your job is to monitor the Greenhouse: trees and plants that will later be used to off-site. As you explore the station you begin to question your sanity. Have you been here too long? Have you not been here long enough?

All of which is to say that Verde Station is a video game, a first-person explorer set about a space station where you’re all alone. A big hit of Gone Home with a bosh of Moon, and it looks great.

Like Gone Home, it’s about poking around an empty space, picking things up, looking at stuff, tapping at computers, and trying to figure out what is going on. Something seems suspicious, see. I say the whole premise of a solo space-gardener is unlikely, for starters.

Developers Duelboot Games say it’ll have no combat or mandatory puzzles, explaining:

There are no puzzles that stop you from progressing. You explore the station to figure out what’s going on. It’s actually possible to run through the game, skip most of the content, and finish it without really knowing what happened. Of course, that would be missing out on the entire point of the game.

Duelboot plan to release Verde Station this autumn, and are currently trying to crack Steam Greenlight. They say they’re still working on making it look and sound better too. As you watch this trailer, do bear in mind that we cannot all have Kevin Spacey voice our space station AI:

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