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Verdun gets Free Expansion ‘Horrors of War’


Verdun is a World War 1 first-person #shooter. that now comes with trench warfare including a #coop wave #survival mode that taks players with the challenge of holding trenches for as long as possible, doing so against overwhelming odds and brutal new dismemberment.

The lastest update also spreads the conflict to a new battlefield, both in the trenches and forests of Champagne, with over forty new weapons from the M1918 BAR to C96 Mauser. And the gameplay now has new squads including Belgians and Verdun’s first US squads.

The expansion’s new gore system includes bloody dismemberment and unpleasantries like shredded soldiers not instantly dying but sometimes hanging on to flail and holler. Happy days! I do think it’s meant to be unpleasant rather than ‘cool’, mind. A press release says:

“With this expansion we offer more diverse historical battles in an immersive environment. Soldiers are confronted with more WW1 situations such as fighting during the night, offensive battles, more varied squads and a host of new weaponry that calls for careful tactical maneuvering. The realistic WW1 atmosphere has been strengthened with a new animation blending system, dismemberments, more blood, more corpses and a whole new region; Champagne.”

The developers will be streaming their movements through the trenches via Steam and upcoming Saturday (March 26) at 3PM EST/ 8PM GMT.

If you are looking to get into the trenches, Verdun is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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