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Verdun: Top Free Linux Game of May 2013

Hello, gamers! After testing a few games today, I found this amazing Unity-powered MMO first-person shooter game that you can play for free on your Windows, Mac or Linux computers and on a regular browser.

The game is inspired by the Battle of Verdun during the First World War, with levels featuring historical locations such as the Argonne Forest and The Western Front. Players can choose to play for the French or the German factions.

Verdun Game Trailer

Verdun is the first free MMOFPS game set during World War 1. The weapons (rifle, grenades, bayonets, etc) used in the game are based on actual weapons used inBattle of Verdun.

The gameplay revolves around multiplayer battles, of which there are two types. The first is a free-for-all, where its you against all the players in the map. The second, and the more interesting, is a team battle. You choose which side you want to fight – France or German – and fight it out on various maps.

Graphics: Very good

I played the game on a low-end XP machine and it looked rather good. It wasn’t as unresponsive as I hoped it to be. The game dashboard, however, needs a lot of work to be usable.

Sound: Very good

The first time I heard the rifle shot, I immediately wanted more of the game. The ambient sound is what I expected of a WW1 game. An added bombardment explosions in the background would have made the game even better.

Gameplay: Good

Playing Verdun is actually a fun experience, if not for the long wait. The game is still in open beta so there’s not a lot of players yet, which translates to long wait for other players to join a battle.

Pros: Enjoyable multiplayer shooting experience. Good graphics & sound.

Cons: Game’s dashboard can be a little confusing. Wait time can take

Download Verdun : Windows Mac Linux  (around 250mb).

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