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Verdun – WW1 Multiplayer Shooter close to Release

Verdun – WW1 Multiplayer Shooter close to Release on linux mac and windows games

After running a short and very successful Steam Greenlight campaign, Verdun has been accepted for a release on Steam. Confirmed platforms for the initial launch are PC, Mac and Linux. Verdun is being developed by three indie developers: Jos Hoebe (Blackmill games), Matt Hergaarden (M2H) and Mike Hergaarden (M2H).

Verdun is a one of a kind World War One game featuring unique trench warfare. However, it’s not only the WW1 theme that sets this game apart. The Frontlines game mode completely redefines squad game play. Every player is part of a four man squad in which each player plays one predefined role. Each squad has a certain type (Rifle, Recon, Assault etc.) representing a historical unit with 4 unique roles. All squads are part of one big continuous battle on the western front.

In addition players are able to level their squad together improving their equipment, uniform and abilities. Higher level squads will be able to count on ever more powerful support such as mortars, artillery, bi-planes and observation balloons. Finally a game truly rewards players for co-op teamplay.

The beta version of the game is currently playable as a Windows, Mac or Linux downloadable standalone. This work in progress is rapidly nearing the final product which will release as Early Access on Steam in September.

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