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Veritas adventure developer seeks support

veritas adventure game developer seeks support for linux with mac windows pc

Veritas is a Myst-like adventure game for Mac and Windows PC, but the dev wants Linux support. Thanks to a recent reply from Glitch Games. Which is currently live on Steam and

Veritas is a Myst-like adventure asks a question. What is truth? And does it even matter? Glitch Games launched their new adventure puzzle game. Which is also available with a Free new Windows PC demo (works using Proton) on Steam. That being said, I reached out for details about Linux support.

We use the Corona SDK which I believe does have some early support for Linux. But I’ve never properly looked into it but I’d certainly like too.
I’ll try to carve out some time to look into it when I can. As it would be nice to support another platform.

This is good news for Linux. Veritas support is still a work in progress. But Corona should also work using the latest Ubuntu builds. Glitch also goes on to explain, “it would be nice to support another platform.”
The studio is rather involved in supporting their current games. And the only platform missing is Linux. So here’s hoping for good news going forward.
Similarly, the Veritas full release is currently untested using Proton. But since the Demo works well, I’d imagine the full game will as well.

Veritas – Release Trailer

Having signed on the dotted line of the mysterious Veritas Industries. You find yourself waking up in a small cell. While having no memory of what went on the day before. Your only equipment is the Glitch Camera. So you must uncover the truth of who you are. And maybe even what you’ve done. Scribble notes onto your snaps. Which you can use freely at any time. Helping to solve the strange puzzles that stand in your way.


  • Innovative camera feature that allows players to photograph everything. And use them to store notes to aide in puzzle solving.
  • The Veritas story will draw you in. Having you questioning everything you see.
  • Plenty of head scratchers but nothing illogical.
  • Beautiful soundtrack thanks to Richard J. Moir.
  • Auto-save feature so that you never lose your progress.

Glitch are also the creators of adventure mystery series Forever Lost. There is no Linux support for the past series. However, Veritas is accessible as a spiritual successor. And hopefully introduce the genre to new gamers. Or those looking for a new take on the adventure genre.

Veritas is available now on Mac, Windows PC, iOS and Android. The only platform missing is Linux. The games priced at $12.99 USD. Available on both Steam and

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