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Verses of Enchantment to duel wizards

verses of enchantment magical card battler game to duel wizards on linux mac windows pc

Verses of Enchantment magical card battler game to duel wizards on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the inventive minds behinds developer Nachtvlam. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Indie developer Nachtvlam just announced their brand new 18th century-inspired fantasy strategy deck-builder, Verses of Enchantment. Due is due to launch on Steam with a full launch later this year.

The story will have you play as an aspiring wizard in an 18th century fantasy world. Due to become the ultimate sorcerer as you explore the realm and learn magic. Doing so in the form of cards from a cast of unique and diverse characters. Study and learn the secrets of the five different schools of magic dictating the world. While you collect spells in the form of cards in order to build a library of skills and knowledge.

Play cards against various opponents on your quest to become a fully fledged wizard. Collect new cards by winning duels to expand your spellcraft.

Verses of Enchantment – Story trailer

Face off against experienced wizards and put your spellcraft to the test. Doign so through deck-building combat encounters in campaign, versus, and gauntlet modes. Battle by influencing AI generated poetry. While using spells arising from previously played cards. Plan and think ahead of your opponents to control the wordcraft and become a master in calculated prose. Become one of the greats as you weave together spells and poetry in Verses of Enchantment.

You can also test out Verses of Enchantment gameplay in a Free Demo. Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows Pc.

Your played cards transform into poetry that can trigger various effects in newly played cards. Be sure to plan and think ahead to shape the generated poetry. Due to become a master in strategic prose. All while you learn about the 5 different schools of magic guiding the world of Verses of Enchantment. Compose your deck of cards to inspire poetry to be remembered through the ages.

Verses of Enchantment magical card battler game is coming to Steam later this year. Due to making its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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