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Victoria 3 Colossus of the South coming soon

victoria 3: colossus of the south game expansion is due to makes its way onto linux mac windows pc

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South game expansion is due to makes its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Paradox Development Studio poured their efforts into this new addition. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Alright, let’s dive into this new content, Victoria 3: Colossus of the South coming to Linux.

Think of South America a couple of centuries ago. Countries were freshly free from European rulers, now they had their own big challenges to face. Remember when you’re playing a level in a game and just after winning a tough battle, you realize there’s more to deal with? That’s South America after getting its freedom. They beat one boss, but now they have many smaller challenges popping up.

Victoria 3 new Colossus of the South game content zeroes in on Brazil’s journey during that time. Taking on the role of Brazil in this story. Since the country is trying to find its way, make allies, fight enemies, and gain strength.

Victoria 3 – New Region Pack: Colossus of the South

Key Features of This Adventure:

  • Pedro II, the Big Boss of Brazil: This is a major character you’ll meet on your journey. He’s the Emperor, and he has big ideas to make Brazil great. He wants to get rid of some bad practices like slavery, and he’s keen to upgrade Brazil, like leveling up in your progression.
  • Old vs. New: Those moments when you’re playing Colossus of the South, and you see the old ways of doing things clashing with the new in Victoria 3. The expansion offers tension! The big landowners of Brazil are the old guard, and then you’ve got these new-age thinkers who are a bit rebellious. They want a change and not everyone’s on the same page.
  • The Common Man Rises: Imagine if the non-playable characters (NPCs) in your quest suddenly started rebelling due to them not liking the main characters? That’s happening here. People who felt overlooked are making noise, challenging the traditional powerful folks in Brazil.
  • Identity & Goals: Brazil is also figuring out who it is – like when you customize your character and decide its backstory and ambitions. Plus, Brazil’s got some neighbors it’s looking at, either thinking of teaming up with or, well, conquering.

Storyline and The Amazon:

  • Amazon Adventure: Colossus of the South takes you into the Amazon, not just a massive forest, but a treasure trove featured in Victoria 3. Think of it as a mystery in colossus of the South, since it’s full of treasure but also traps and potential enemies. Brazil needs to figure out how to get the best riches without raising a conflict.
  • Meet the Cast: Like any good storyline, you’ve got some interesting folks to meet. There’s Deodora da Fonseca, think of him as a high-ranking officer who’s got a plan. And then there’s Getulio Vargas; imagine him as a ruler who’s a mix of charm and power.

Finally, while Colossus of the South focuses a lot on Brazil, Victoria 3 does not forget the rest of South America. Due to be offer new events and journal entries. Also side quests and other unique characters you’ll meet along the way.

So, by November 14th, 2023, Victoria 3 will offer you a chance to dive deep into this Colossus of the South adventure. If you have the “Grand Edition” or are part of the game subscription, you’re in luck! You’ll get this expansion for Free. Or if you’re a subscriber to the Expansion Pass. It’s due to be pre-ordered on and bought separately on Steam. Priced at $5.99 USD / £4.99 / €5.99. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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