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Victory at Sea Ironclad stream and support update

victory at sea ironclad livestream and support update for linux gaming mac windows pc

Victory at Sea Ironclad livestream and support update for Linux gaming as well as Mac and Windows PC. According to recent details from developer Evil Twin Artworks. Due to release on Steam Early Access on Thursday, February 25.

As part of the build up to the Early Access launch this Thursday. Evil Twin Artworks will be playing another round. Showing off more of their upcoming game large scale, RTS sandbox, Victory At Sea Ironclad.

You can catch the livestream today, Tuesday at 11pm GMT/ 3pm PST on Ironclad’s Store Page.
Plus, there is a Linux build floating around on Steam. Having had a chance to actually install it, thanks to Evil Twin Artworks. I wanted to offer this minor support update, since the Linux is “missing executable”. While manually launching the game freezes. Therefore, if we do not have native support for the Early Access release, it’s definitely in development.

victory at sea ironclad linux build port

However, the main campaign for Victory at Sea Ironclad works well via Proton 5.13-6. So you can take full advantage of switching between commanding the entire North American Campaign. As well as zooming down to take control of individual ships and fleets. Offering an better approach to real time strategy war gaming. This means you can actually develop your own story with an open world sandbox mechanic. Taking on a daring attempt to win the American Civil War.

Victory At Sea Ironclad American Civil War Naval RTS

In Victory at Sea Ironclad you can recon enemy positions. Then launch a large scale marine naval assault against the chosen targets. Upgrade ports and build shipyards. Customise and create multiple fleets. Then send them where they are needed and perform whatever tasks you need to. It will be interesting to see how Early Access shapes the gameplay further.


  • Search and destroy enemy fleets during the American Civil War
  • Effortlessly switch between commanding the entire theatre of war and controlling the fate of individual vessels and fleets.
  • Use Resources to build new structures and ships
  • Upgrade Ports
  • Build shipyards
  • Build farms and factories in Victory at Sea Ironclad
  • Harass shipping and starve ports of vital supplies
  • Organise large scale naval assaults on major ports
  • Control unique craft such as the formidable Ironclads
  • Pausable gameplay allows you to order fleets and then continue the action
  • Play as North or South (Play as the South will become available through Early Access)
  • Create customisable battles (Will become available through Early Access)

If you can’t catch this stream above, don’t worry. The Evil Twins will upload it to their YouTube channel.

From small battles involving single ships and hunting down merchant men. All the way up to the clashing of massive fleets against harsh enemies. Victory at Sea Ironclad offers crazy battles on the dangerous seas of the American Civil War.

Victory at Sea Ironclad is due to release onto Early Access on February 25th. Priced at $39.99 USD / £29.99 with 10% discount on release. Arriving on Mac and Windows PC, with Linux support in tow. Also, be sure to check out the Steam pre-Early Access livestream today at 11pm GMT/ 3pm PST.

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