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Victory At Sea Ironclad support still is in review

victory at sea ironclad support still is in consideration for linux besides mac and windows pc

Victory At Sea Ironclad support still is in consideration for Linux besides Mac and Windows PC. According to recent details from developer Evil Twin Artworks. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access this year.

Evil Twin Artworks is the award winning indie team behind PC RTS classic, ‘Victory At Sea’, Man O’ War: Corsair and Victory At Sea Pacific. Has a long awaited follow up, Victory At Sea Ironclad. Which has been getting some attention during the Steam Games Festival.

Evil Twin Artworks offer details for Linux support

We are deciding platforms at the moment and of course Linux is under consideration. It may not come in from the outset of EA but things are constantly shifting. We are using Unity as we did for Victory At Sea Pacific but it is going to be quite different. With more options to work with for towns and individual ships.

The use of Unity 3D for Victory At Sea Ironclad is no surprise. But it’s interesting to note that Linux builds may arrive during the Early Access stage. The Discussion thread on Steam still doesn’t have an update. But it’s a pleasure to note that Linux is stil under consideration. Particularly since the previous titles have all had native support.

In Victory At Sea Ironclad players have to hunt down Blockade Runners, protecting your resources and fight. While taking place during the time of the American Civil War. So you can play as either the United or Confederate States. Engaging in a tactical game of cat and mouse in a huge open world naval warfare Real Time Strategy.

The focus of Victory At Sea Ironclad is on the American Civil War. Battles took place on both the sea and on rivers. Since the navies of both sides supplied their land forces with resources and transport. Requiring both to work together for victory. The Battles on the water powerfully affected the course of the war. And would be as fundamental as to whom would take victory.

Plan your own campaign

In Victory at Sea Ironclad the player can switch between commanding the entire North American Campaign. All the way to zooming down to take control of individual ships and fleets. And change the course of the war in a race for technological supremacy. As you fight for resources while attempting to build better ships, including the fearsome Ironclads.

Bringing an epic approach to real time strategy war gaming. Players develop their own story with an open world sandbox mechanic. As they takes on a desperate attempt to win the American Civil War. Playing a nerve wracking game of cat and mouse. Scouring the seas and rivers in search of the enemy and send fleets to strangle their supply lines.

In Victory at Sea Ironclad players recon enemy positions. Then launch a large scale amphibious naval assault against the chosen targets. Fighting a coastal or river invasion brings together large numbers of customisable ships. Do you fill your fleet with troops, or cargo, send them against formidable forts? Or trade with a foreign power for gold?

Choose your fate in Victory at Sea Ironclad

In Victory at Sea Ironclad your destiny is in your hands. There are no levels, there is no do over. This is Naval Warfare from day one until ultimate victory is achieved. Every fight is important, the combat merciless, and the outcome is uncertain.

Upgrade ports and build shipyards to customise and create multiple fleets. Sending them where they are needed and performing whatever tasks you see fit. Will you send cargo fleets out to bolster your supply lines? Or create fast maneuverable ships to hunt Blockade Runners?

Remember you must always be vigilant. It only takes fleets of Blockade Runners to slip past you in the night. Then see the tide turn against you.


  • Search and destroy enemy fleets during the American Civil War
  • Effortlessly switch between commanding the entire theatre of war and controlling the fate of individual vessels and fleets.
  • Use Resources to build new structures and ships
  • Upgrade Ports
  • Build shipyards
  • Build farms and factories
  • Harass shipping and starve ports of vital supplies
  • Organise large scale amphibious assaults on major ports
  • Control unique vessels such as the formidable Ironclads
  • Pausable gameplay allows you to order fleets and then continue the action
  • Play as North or South (Play as the South will become available through Early Access)
  • Create customisable battles (Will become available through Early Access)

From small skirmishes involving single ships and hunting down merchantmen. All the way to the clashing of massive fleets against implacable enemies. Victory at Sea Ironclad is your ticket to exciting battles that take place on the dangerous seas of the American Civil War. Be sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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