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Victory At Sea Pacific action strategy releases

victory at sea pacific action strategy releases on linux mac windows

Victory At Sea Pacific action strategy releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. Available now on both Steam and GOG, launching with a discount on both stores. All thanks to ‘Evil Twin Artworks’ the award winning indie team behind the open world RTS.

“We’re really amazed by the response so far, I’m so glad people get what we are trying to do,” said James Carroll, Director at Evil Twin Artworks. “The game can be played in many different ways, you can micromanage every last detail of the Pacific War, or stand back and trust in your Captains.”

“The campaign does not pause while playing individual battles,” continues James, “while players fight with their ships, the enemy ships are moving into positions across the Pacific and other conflicts can occur in real time. The questions is do you want to keep focusing on this battle or let your captains make the decision while you deal with other things.”

Victory At Sea Pacific – action strategy RTS (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Search and destroy enemy fleets across the entire Pacific Ocean
  • Effortlessly switch between commanding the entire Pacific theatre and controlling the fate of individual vessels and planes
  • Harass shipping and starve ports of vital supplies
  • Hunt down and sink enemy patrols and weaken their defences
  • Organise large scale amphibious assaults on major ports
  • Control unique vessels such as the huge I-400 submarine aircraft carrier
  • Pausable gameplay allows you to order fleets and then continue the action
  • Play as Axis or Allied fleets. (Axis Campaign coming soon)

The team has already been listening to the community, adding two new Battleships to the game for launch. These are the Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Bringing an epic approach to real time strategy war gaming. Where players develop their own story within a vast, open world, sandbox mechanic, in a desperate attempt to win World War 2.

Steam and GOG releases:

Victory At Sea Pacific is available on Steam and GOG with a 10% discount until September 21st. Priced at $39.99 USD with a 10% discount for one week. Part RTS, part Grand Strategy, the game aims to bring something different to the genre.

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