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Victory At Sea Pacific unusual vehicles for the WWII RTS

victory at sea pacific unusual vehicles for the upcoming wwii rts on linux mac windows

Victory At Sea Pacific developers discuss the unusual vehicles for the WWII RTS on Linux Mac and Windows coming to Steam. All thanks to ‘Evil Twin Artworks’, the award winning indie team behind PC RTS classic.

So yes, Victory At Sea will have some of the more unusual vehicles to grace the upcoming WWII Naval Real Time Strategy.

Unusual vehicles:

With the aim to take our upcoming RTS to another level, we decided to delve into the stranger corners of the Pacific ocean during WWII,” said James Carroll, Director at Evil Twin Artworks. “Because of that, Victory At Sea Pacific has some unusual ships & aircraft set to appear.

While we have been debating whether to include the Ice Cream Ship (Best you look it up for yourself!) We have included vessels such as the Japanese I-400 submarine,” continued James. “It was the largest Submarine of WW2 and was capable of launching planes!”

Another of the stranger and more macabre vehicles used in the war is The Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka. This rocket-powered human-guided kamikaze attack aircraft was first introduced by the Japanese later on in the war. The manned flying bomb had three solid-fuel rockets, which would like fly a missile towards it’s intended target.

Victory At Sea Pacific – WWII Naval RTS (Linux, Mac, Windows)

These vehicles and more are available in Victory At Sea Pacific. Which currently boasts over 120 ships and aircraft, as well as over 70 ports.
Bringing an epic approach to real time strategy war gaming, players develop their own story with an open world sandbox mechanic in a desperate attempt to win the World War 2.

WWII RTS on Steam:

The new Steam page for Victory At Sea Pacific can be found below for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also the official website is worth checking out.

Evil Twin Artworks also plan to start streaming live gameplay sessions on Twitch. Tune in to the official stream here

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