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Vidar puzzle adventure RPG launches on Early Access

vidar puzzle adventure rpg launches on early access linux mac pc

So the latest release on Early Access is a #puzzle #RPG called Vidar. A #singleplayer game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, tasking the player as the lone saviour.

Hence Vidar is dying. While the former capital of a kingdom is now reduced to a shell of a town. A city that once saw wealth and war sees now only storms, famine, sickness and death. So now a new threat has emerged, a terrible beast with an appetite for those who still live. Since this Beast is left to feast on the remaining villagers, Vidar‘s days are numbered.

In the middle of a blizzard, a community’s remaining citizens are forced to confront their impending deaths. While every night, a villager is killed, and the survivors are forced to alter their course in response. So the player charts a path through always-changing, challenging environmental puzzles. Hence exploring the stories and grief of these townsfolk before Vidar is lost forever.

A Random Story Every Time

In Vidar, every villager has heavily interdependent relationships with the others. When one person dies, everyone else’s stories change – if the blacksmith loses her apprentice, she’ll give you different quests; if the blacksmith loses her supplier, still different; and if she predeceases both, then those two will respond accordingly, etc. Because the order of deaths is random, the story and quests you receive will be different every time you play.

Free Demo:

Check out the demo available on the official website for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Vidar Features

  • Explore themes of grief, community, nostalgia, loss
  • Quests, rewards, and story determined by who lives and who dies
  • Town events reflect the state of Vidar, as jobs go untended

So to stop the killings the player needs to enter a puzzle dungeon. Use your tools and your environment to help navigate to the center of the cave before everyone in town is dead. Hence all these puzzles are randomly chosen from a bank of hundreds. So when players come back to see a new story unfold, there will also be a new challenge to face.

Vidar is available now on Early Access with a 25% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. This deal is only around until February 7th.

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