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Videoball sports action game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC next month


If you are a soccer/football fan, you would likely have an interest in VIDEOBALL #sports action from #ActionButton, which is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The final #trailer has just been released for the July 12th launch. Where teams of one, two or three people launch triangles at balls to knock them into the opponent’s goal zone.

Gameplay consists of using either analogue stick on the controller or the directional buttons to maneuver. Use any button or trigger to project a triangle. Only triangles can displace balls. Hold your button or trigger to charge a bigger triangle. Bigger triangles push harder. Stun opponents or cancel triangles with other triangles. Push balls into the opposing goal to score points. Score more points in order to win. Win in order to Feel Real Good.

VIDEOBALL is a sport everyone can play. Simple enough for a party and deep enough for the best party ever. Combining the favoured elements of arcade shooting games, modern first-person shooters, and modern real-time strategy games with the depth of soccer, basketball, hockey, football, and rugby. Remember, bigger triangles push harder. Push balls into the opposing goal to score points. Hold a button long enough to build a defensive square. Shoot defensive squares to destroy them.


  • VIDEOBALL is competitive: 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or 3 on 3.
  • You can play VIDEOBALL with friends in person.
  • You can play VIDEOBALL online in ranked or exhibition contests.
  • You can play VIDEOBALL against / with a selection of AI partners.
  • You can play VIDEOBALL with four players on the PlayStation 4 or six players on Xbox One, PC, or Mac.
  • VIDEOBALL has 35 competitive multiplayer arenas.
  • VIDEOBALL has an Arcade Mode which puts you (and an optional friend) against artificial intelligences with nightmarish territorial advantage.
  • VIDEOBALL runs at 60 frames per second on consoles (at 144 frames per second on home computers) in 1080p resolution.
  • VIDEOBALL features a dozen exciting music tracks by Ken “coda” Snyder (
  • VIDEOBALL features robust fact-tracking to save you and your friends’ records permanently to your console or computer.

Definitely the type of game that is best played rather than spectate, despite making claims that it could be a digital sport. And most of the players look the same certianly makes a challenge to track gameplay in the midst of player-triangles, launched-triangles and balls.

Action Button might sound familiar, Tim Rogers’ is best known for the now dormant game review website. Rogers himself is one of the folks making Videoball. And has already had design capabilities demonstrated in Ziggurat for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Videoball is going to be available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on July 12th.


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