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VIDEOVERSE launch relives social networks

videoverse story adventure game launch relives social gaming networks on linux mac windows pc

VIDEOVERSE story adventure game launch relives social gaming networks on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to Kinmoku for their amazing creativity. Available now on Steam, itch, and Humble Store.

Kinmoku, the genius brain behind the legendary “One Night Stand”. Now, they’re rolling out their latest creation story adventure VIDEOVERSE. Due to take you back to an era when digital communities were all the rage. Think of it like a mix of Miiverse and MSN Messenger. Since these were places where you could chat, share, and be a part of busy online worlds. VIDEOVERSE gives you that ticket to hop into this digital wonderland. This isn’t just any online world – it’s also brimming with love, friendship, and a dash of mischief on Linux.

While you’re there, you won’t be alone. Since the place is full of interesting folks, each with their stories, quirks, and obsessions. Dive deep and you might also stumble upon hidden side plots or enjoy some quirky pixel art. Oh, and you can set up your own digital avatar? You can do that too. Choose your look, pick your personal tagline, and select a theme for yourself.

VIDEOVERSE – Release Date Announcement Trailer

So, here’s where VIDEOVERSE really begins. Dive into the community of “Feudal Fantasy Fans” and follow Emmett on his quest through Kinmoku’s Shark’s smash hit. It’s a universe full of legends, lore, and secrets. Due to debate, discuss, and decode the mysteries of whether Hanzo can outplay the sinister Nobunaga. It’s a universe that pulls you in.

Don’t just take my word for it. VIDEOVERSE has been earning accolades left and right. Winning the Critics Choice Award at Indie Cup UK 23. It’s also being hailed for its deep setting and absolutely stellar story telling. If you’ve been keeping an eye on gaming showcases, you might’ve spotted it at Day of the Devs and Future of Play. And most recently at the Tiny Teams event by Yogscast.

In short, VIDEOVERSE isn’t just a journey, it’s an experience. The story adventure game is all about reliving the golden age of digital communities, building bonds, and finding your digital self. So, if you are ready to jump into this universe and make some pixelated memories. The game launches now on Steam, itch, and Humble Store. Priced at $11.69 USD / £9.89 / 11,51€, including the 10% launch discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.