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VIDEOVERSE release relives the early days

videoverse the visual novel game in a social network will release soon on linux mac windows pc

VIDEOVERSE the visual novel game in a social network will release soon on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All this magic springs from the tireless dedication and brilliant creativity of Kinmoku. Coming very soon on Steam.

Kinmoku, the folks who made One Night Stand, have been hard at work. They’re about to drop their new experience they call VIDEOVERSE. Imagine you’re stepping into a time machine, only instead of traveling to, say, the time of the dinosaurs, you’re diving into an imaginary past of video gaming. We’re talking about the kind of nostalgic journey that you’ll want to tell your friends about.

Now, this game is not just about playing. It’s similar to hanging out with friends in a vibrant digital world. Due to swap fan art, and immerse yourself in a bustling gaming community. It’s the kind of place where connections are forged, and where friendships start.

This isn’t some small, unheard-of thing either. The developers know their stuff, the critics, they’re already singing praises. At the Indie Cup UK 23, VIDEOVERSE won the Critics’ Choice Award. Which is like the Oscars, but for indie digital experiences. Plus, big-name platforms like Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun are also recommending the Demo on Steam (with native Linux).

VIDEOVERSE – Release Date Announcement Trailer

On August 7th, the full game experience will be unveiled during the Steam Visual Novel Fest. To make things even sweeter, there’s going to be a launch discount. This announcement came with a fresh trailer, showing off an intriguing, haunting side of VIDEOVERSE. The voice you are hearing is Mark Takeshi Ota, who’s worked on gems like LIVE A LIVE and The Great Ace Attorney.

VIDEOVERSE takes inspiration from some of the best things about the early internet. Think MSN Messenger, early web forums, the technology from the 2000s, and even Miiverse. It’s also paired with some chill music from Clark Aboud, who has worked on Slay the Spire and Kind Words.

The world of VIDEOVERSE is also overflowing with characters to meet and stories to uncover. You can even personalize your journey by picking an avatar, crafting a personal quote, and choosing your favourite theme.

Likewise, there’s a virtual JRPG to dive into – Feudal Fantasy. You’ll be joining Emmett. Doing so on his adventure as he tries to crack the secrets of this popular digital experience within the VIDEOVERSE. Join the Feudal Fantasy community, trade tips and theories, and find out if Hanzo can thwart the wicked Nobunaga. It’s all in a day’s play.

Launching alongside Steam Visual Novel Fest with a 10% launch discount of the $12.99 USD / £10.99 / €12,79 price on Steam. Along with support for Linux, Atari VCS, Mac, and Windows PC. Release Date is August 7th, 2023.

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