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Vigilantes turn based tactics release this week

vigilantes turn based tactics coming this week for linux ubuntu mac windows games

Justice is coming to Reiker City, as Timeslip Softworks releases an updated trailer. While announcing the Steam early access release of Vigilantes. The neo noir turn based tactics game for PC. So Vigilantes will launch for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on October 5th, 2017.

Vigilantes offers deep turn based combat. Since the player’s vigilantes go up against criminal gangs. Which features attacks of opportunity, overwatch, delayed turns and a cover system. While also including multiple attack modes for weapons, activated abilities, body part targeting, and much more. Intel gathering is crucial for overall progress in Vigilantes.

So basic information about a gang’s presence in a city district means surveillance. However, to locate each gangs’ leadership and facilities, players must interrogate. This includes mid ranking gang members, using a variety of techniques. Including administering truth serum. Providing deep character development with the UPLIFT system. Comprising 6 stats, 9 skills, and a host of perks, allowing players to customise their team as per play-style. A player can also build a base comprising 5 facilities (gym, library, firing range, workshop, surgery). Which will need upgrades to provide better crafting options, buffs and free items.

Vigilantes Early Access Trailer:

Vigilantes Features:

  • Reactive Strategic AI: Each gang gains income based on their criminal activities. Depending on what the player does, the strategic AI will invest in recruitment, building buff providing facilities, or purchasing upgrades to improve their equipment, training, and cash flow.
  • A Novel Setting: A group of vigilantes in armed conflict with the criminal underworld of the declining city of Reiker provides a fresh setting for turn based tactical games.
  • Rival System: If an enemy is losing the fight, they may attempt to flee. Should they manage to escape, they will become more powerful, and must be faced again in the future.
  • Treatment Of Violence: Each criminal has a name, and it’s up to you to whether to use lethal attacks to inflict greater damage, or subdue them with non lethal methods. Can Sam save the city without being driven insane by violence, or will he become another object lesson on the dangers of idealism?

Vigilantes will release via Steam on October 5th for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. The games price is not available, yet.

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