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Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle out for Dying Light

viking: raiders of harran bundle releases for dying light in linux gaming mac windows pc with ox warrior bundle

Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle releases for Dying Light in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC with Ox Warrior Bundle. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Techland. Which is available not on both Steam and GOG.

In a search for Asgard, two lost Vikings are brought to Harran. Which is now available to purchase for Dying Light. So that players will can have a chance to become fearsome and violent berserkers. All supported by new weapons, shields and buggy skins. As a result, the community can help Techland to celebrate the Year of the Ox. All part of the Chinese New Year along with an in-game Lunar Event.

Dying Light – Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle Trailer

The Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle will give players the chance to become a true Viking. Standing side by side with two new characters – Björn the Warrior and Björn the Berserker. Those who prove themselves to be fearless enough will be equipped with deadly tools. All forged in a faraway land, made entirely in order to wreak havoc among zombies. And also making sure that bards will be singing about player fights for centuries, including:

  • Two “Raider of Harran” outfits: “Björn the Warrior” and “Björn the Berserker”
  • Plus two two-handed heavy axes: Ragnarök and Ashes of Ragnarök
  • Including two one-handed swords: The Aesir and The Fiery Aesir
  • Two shields: Asgard’s Protector and Asgard’s Wall of Fire
  • “Reinen” buggy skin.

Each Weapon and Shield will come in two variants in Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle. With one applying fire damage and a standard version with craftable mods.

And last, but not least, who would a Viking be without his ship? The last item in the bundle will be Berserker’s buggy skins. These are Reinen and Fiery Reinen. Buggy, also called an Earth Boat, will receive skins. All taking inspiration from Vikings ships, to roam the uncharted land of Harran.

Dying Light – Lunar Event 2021 Trailer

Along with the Dying Light Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle. Now the community can also get involved in celebrating Chinese New Year globally. While using the in-game Lunar Event which offers a new weapon – Gold Dao Sword and King Mods. All to help rid the environment of zombies. The event has already started. In addition, players will receive for free the Ox Warrior Bundle. This includes an Ox Cannon Weapon and Ox Warrior Character Skin.

Dying Light – Ox Warrior Bundle Trailer

The premium Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle is available now. Including support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Priced $3.99 USD on both Steam and GOG. While the Ox Warrior Bundle is available for free in the in-game shop. Plus Dying Light the base game is discounted 66% on Steam until February 15th.

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