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Viking Vengeance ARPG still due to get support

viking vengeance dungeon crawler arpg still due to get support in linux gaming beside windows pc

Viking Vengeance dungeon crawler ARPG still due to get support in Linux gaming beside Windows PC. According to further details from developer Lowpoly Interactive. Due to make its way onto Steam very soon.

Viking Vengeance is a god worshiping roguelite dungeon crawler ARPG. The gameplay also takes place in a historical fiction world. You play as a Templar with pagan origins who rediscovers his roots. But also learns to wield the powers of the Norse Gods. All on a quest to change the destiny of his people and stop Ragnarok.

Since Viking Vengeance is due to make makes its debut on Steam, April 8th. So, I reached out to developer Lowpoly Interactive for further details on Linux support. And things are looking promising.

Linux Support:

We plan to bring it to Linux this summer. V 1.0 will not be the end for Viking Vengeance. We will continue to add new features, worlds, characters, and playable characters, as well as Linux support.
Because time is our enemy now, we do not want to just make a bad port. Instead, we want to make sure it will be a proper experience.

While this will not be a day one release. It’s a pleasure to see the developer explaining why. Since it looks like the spring launch will offer more improvements that will play into Linux gaming support. And no, this is not an early access release either. Just a developer looking to hone the release and the player’s overall Linux gaming experience.

Viking Vengeance – Launch Trailer

In Viking Vengeance you will Worship Gods Pray and bring sacrifices to Gods. So you can Unlock Alternate Fighting Styles and blessings. Each God is unique and will come with its own set of powers and abilities. You can unlock their power by filling up your devotion bar. The more you worship them, the faster your avatar forms will level up. While neglecting one might anger him.

The Gods are not always reliable but they can be pleased to improve your chances of receiving their help in battle. Simply by using certain equipment or passive runes. Discovering God Runes will unlock new Skills for avatar state. Turn into avatars of Gods and wield Thor’s hammer. While allowing you to do things like using Loki’s mischief skills. Even more, use Odin’s power to crush your enemies and wreak vengeance for your people.

Character Classes:

When it comes to Classes, there are two different classes to choose from in Viking Vengeance. Each with its unique gears and weapons. Characters in Viking Vengeance are visually distinct. They also grant access to different skills and items that have to be used in combination with the Worship mechanic. These combinations provide unique experiences every time. They also influence the way you approach encounters. Each class can execute enemies after their health reaches a certain threshold. Executing enemies will either give you health back or extra blood currency. Players can use this for reviving, boosting your devotion, or for other gains.

Death Cheating Viking Corruption is real even in the after life. For the right price you will be able to negotiate your way out of Valhalla. Likewise, you can bribe the Valkyrie that’s coming for your soul. Your options will be Reviving on the spot for a blood cost or going back to your last saved location. This will restart the world and make you a target for other valkyries. Since they want to recover the soul that is owed to them.

Grow Permanently Stronger Leveling up in Viking Vengeance consists of choosing different new skills. Upgrade your old ones to suit your ideal playstyle or new equipment which can see upgrades to fit your needs.
Seek Knowledge gets different outlooks from a variety of NPC’s. They explain how the events of this world unfold. But also notice that many things are not as they seem at first glance.


Anything can be a weapon in the environment. Viking Vengeance physics can be used to gain the upper hand in battle. Throw your enemies with Thor’s hammer in the fires set by his constant falling thunders. Trick enemies into falling in traps, broken ice, and cliffs. You can also take advantage of Loki’s poisonous daggers. These will permanently remain on the ground after his avatar is used.

Fimbulwinter Challenges At the end of your journey. Fimbulwinter, the omen of Ragnarok, will arrive to bring new challenges. Like Frost Draugar, the Frost Dragon, and unpredictable foes that will be in the most unexpected places. So like you, they will all be desperate to find the legendary weapon which would help them survive the upcoming doom. Secrets still need to be unraveled but the world is changing with you. As you will find out, the realms are now more connected than ever.

Viking Vengeance roguelite dungeon crawler ARPG will release on April 8th. First, coming to Windows PC, then support in Linux gaming which will coming this summer. That release date is still TBD, but here’s hoping for a positive launch. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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