Viking Vengeance norse RPG release update

viking vengeance norse RPG game release update for linux mac windows pc

Viking Vengeance upcoming norse RPG game has a release update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to feedback from developer Lowpoly Interactive. The games also open for Wishlist support on Steam.

Viking Vengeance is an RPG inspired by norse mythology. While including many twists and new mechanics. Doing so in a low-poly cartoonish environment.
Having followed the game for a while. We reached out to Lowpoly Interactive for release details. Since the game is listed on Steam without a release date. And the reply we received shows very patriotic support update.

Linux release update:

Unity3D is being used as game engine.
I can not provide a release date at this moment. As my previous estimates were way too optimistic. But we are aiming for February 2020. Working overtme hours to make sure that will happen.

We definitely want to bring Viking Vengeance to as many platforms as possible. For as many people to give it a try.
In our plan the game will be released on Windows, Linux, Mac, and popular consoles.

In the developement period. We are still hoping that more Linux and Mac users will find our game. And wishlist it to make sure there is some interest in it there.
At the moment out of our 10,000 wishlist. 122 are from Linux and 52 from Mac.

The developers also confirmed that Linux support is coming indefinitely. But still, hope to see more Viking Vengeance Wishlist support on Steam.
And quite honestly, I agree. Since the 122 number is kind of low out of that 10,000 number. Even though Linux more than doubles Mac Wishlisting. So feel free to show your Tux Love.

Viking Vengeance – Early Gameplay Trailer

Below are the upcoming features you can expect. Also the currently completed features. Giving at least some insight into the Early Access release. Which is still a ways off. But there are some savage features ready for the 2020 release. Such as bloody sacrifices for your idol god.

Completed Features:

  • Raider and Ranger classes use a unique level-up system. With a variety of skills, talents and items to choose from
  • Worship a God of your choosing in Viking Vengeance. So you can gain their aid in combat. Even become their avatar for a short period of time
  • Gather your enemies’ blood. So you can use it as a sacrifice to the Idols. Boosting your devotion to the Gods. And also enhancing your abilities
  • Visit the blacksmith to improve your gear or buy new items
  • 2 different options to choose from when you die. While each comes with its own advantages and disadvantage
  • A story mode that will take you through different mythological places. As a result, you will encounter all kinds of enemies. Some more familiar than others.
  • Execute your enemies to restore your health. Or gain extra blood that can be exchanged to revive faster
  • Collect different and unique runestone. These enhance idols to become more powerful
  • Use the Viking Vengeance environment and game physics. So you can gain the upper hand in combat
  • Pray to your Norse God to gain their aid in battle. Pushing the Templars back and their God

Upcoming Features for Viking Vengeance:

  • Raid mode where you go to pillage. Looting different Christian settlements – more details soon
  • Different classes such as Witch, Berserker, Shieldmaiden and others.
  • Arena of Gods where you go to test your might. Allowing you to try out different builds

Viking Vengeance norse RPG is due to release on Early Access in February 2020. The games also coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So stay tuned. Hopefully this release update inspires you to Wishlist on Steam.

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