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Violet Cycle indie action releases on Steam

violet cycle indie action releases on steam early access linux mac windows games 2017

Violet Cycle is a kinetic arcade action game for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. While the games only available for Windows via Early Access in 2017. The full release is due to make a debut on Linux in the next two months.

Since this will indeed be a short, sharp period of user-feedback informed refinement. Which means the games pretty much already finished. And the finally stages of development with the community are key for the full release. Which is a smart idea to be honest.

Violet Cycle Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Violet Cycle is the creation of lone-wolf codesmith Marek Budik (aka Weckr Industries). Whilet locked inside his lair deep within the Czech Republic. He is diliegently crafting the game as a personal labour of love. This has been and going process over the course of two challenging years. The games now ready to hyperdash onto Steam Early Access in a slice-o-metric rush of sensory overload.

About Violet Cycle

Violet Cycle is a kinetic arcade action game. Embrace your rage as you slash through metal and wire. Dispense silicon-shattering kicks. While you discover the beautiful order that lies hidden inside the dance of chaos. There’s also quite a bit of dashing.

Something terrible has happened to life itself in your corner of the universe. So the only way forward is the way out. Set the last remaining Tower Garden on its way by climbing to the peak. Save the precious seeds of life found along the way. Do not fall to despair.

Violet Cycle features:

  • Distinctive retina-searing aesthetics
  • Combat-rich with intense sensory feedback
  • Powerful array of weaponry and versatile headrigs
  • Procedurally-generated destructible environments and enemies
  • An audio-visual experience produced by simple logic operations, performed by pieces of silicon and copper. Quite a miracle by itself really

Violet Cycle releases on Steam

During this initial phase, Violet Cycle releases for Early Access at $9.99/€9.99/£7.19. So the games discounted 25% until December 20th, 2017 on Steam. Before increasing to full price upon general release.

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