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Viscerafest arena FPS due to arrive in 2021

viscerafest arena fps due to arrive in 2021 with plans for linux gaming and windows pc

Viscerafest arena FPS due to arrive in 2021 on Windows PC and plans for Linux gaming. Thanks to indie developers Acid Man Games and Fire Plant Games. Which is slated to arrive on Steam Early Access.

1C Entertainment is happy to announce their collaboration with indie developers Acid Man Games and Fire Plant Games. Due to bring their upcoming old school FPS, Viscerafest into Early access next year.

While the Steam Discussion post does show a hint of good news. In reality, the developers “may be able to do it [Linux] at the launch of early access.” The problem is they are not “entirely confident in saying it’ll be 100% ready by that point”. But since Unity 3D is being used for development “it is doable”.
Likewise, it would be a pleasure to support. Kicking off the Early Access release with a build in Linux gaming.

The game was originally revealed at Realms Deep 2020. Viscerafest is a sci-fi fantasy single player arena FPS. Where players take the role of Caroline, a bloodthirsty, psychopathic mercenary. Who also wants nothing more than to marry her boyfriend Athens Fetter. But the problem is the money’s tight. Since rings aren’t exactly cheap. But thankfully there may be hope for her yet. As a warlock named Cromune has acquired a rather hefty bounty on his head.

Viscerafest – Announcement Trailer

Viscerafest will have players fight through hordes of aliens. Including eldritch monstrosities wielding a slew of powerful weapons. So this means juggling your resources and exploring over 26 levels. All carefully designed and hand crafted to suit the experience.


  • Make your way through nonlinear hand crafted levels. Since they are full of secrets, using key cards, completing puzzles and various objectives to progress. Take off across a wide variety of locations. While your work your way from a space station above the earth to a realm beyond our reality.
  • Wield 9 unique and powerful weapons in Viscerafest</em. These range from staples of the genre like the bunker buster double barreled shotgun. All the way to the more unique and offbeat, such as the Pung Cannon.
  • Slaughter over 2 dozen different enemy types. Who range from the minor grunts who make up the U.S.C’s forces. All the way to monsters beyond your ability to comprehend. Such as The Soul Hunters. New enemy types are introduced every level. So that each compounds the challenges you’ll face with a variety of attacks and behaviors
  • Juggle your resources, as you fight to stay alive. While constantly balancing your use of ammo, health, and armor.
  • Move at the speed of light, chaining bunny hopping and dashing together. Moving at speeds no man would dream of, and with your overbearing air control. Allowing you to dance around projectiles like no other.
  • Collect tons of goodies to unlock items such as Cypher keys. As well as level modifiers to spice up your playthroughs.

Viscerafest is due to arrive in 2021 via Steam Early Access. The release date is still TBD. With support already confirmed for Windows PC. There is a build in the plans for Linux gaming.

So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam and follow the developers on Twitter.

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