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Visceral Cubes brings voxel gore and zombies

visceral cubes fps brings voxel gore and zombies to linux mac windows games

Visceral Cubes is a first person shooter with voxel gore and zombies for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also happens to include a big release discount on Steam.

Since the story is simple. After losing contact with a space station on mars. You are sent to retrieve a high value item for the company. It didn’t take very long for our protagonist to find out that something went very very wrong in this place. Which seems somewhat similar to that the Doom 2016 release.

So with no communication, there is no other choice but to advance further in the complex. You will face a visceral experience to retrieve the item.

Visceral Cubes is a game where you survive by evading your enemies. You can stealth your way past them or run for your life hoping that they don’t catch up and explode in your face.

Visceral Cubes zombies and a Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Since gameplay seems to be about escaping the zombies. Outrunning them because they explode?
Well that seems like a heartfelt experience. Hence, not taking damage from exploding undead. I guess everyone has a different Tuesday on Mars.

The stealth aspect of gameplay has my attention. Since it’s about making your way around the space station. Trying to avoid making a mess and taking damage.


  • Simple but challenging gameplay.
  • Physics, watch your enemies explode and make a mess of the environment.
  • Collect key items to advance further into the complex.
  • Find and read left over data of the station screw. Find how what happened!
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack.
  • Steam Achievements.

Incoming New stuff and fixes

  • First DLC
  • Difficulty related changes.
  • Better pathfinding for the enemies.
  • Performance Improvements

Voxel gore release on Steam:

Also the best part of this release, Visceral Cubes is discounted 40% until May 10th on Steam. Since the voxel gore title is normally priced at $7.99 USD. The release deal ends up being $4.79 USD.