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Visual Out the Metroidvania games release date

visual out the metroidvania games release date for linux mac windows

Visual Out the official release date for Steam and games, priaced at $9.99 USD on March 15th. Which is a unique exploration-driven platformer by MadameBerry.

Since players take the role of an escaped program. While having to traverse different sectors of an obsolete and dying computer. Gaining abilities that reveal hidden areas. Also facing glitch enemies, controlling the flow of electricity, and more.

So it is up to you to uncover the secrets behind the computer’s. Hence its creator’s – demise. The game lets direct combat take a back-seat. While focusings on using abilities to outsmart enemies and manipulate the environment.

Since the gameplay seems to resemble visuals of old-school games. So players will have to remember, this is a metroidvania and exploration is key. But the games aesthetics stem from those of classic titles. But be aware….

Visual Out Steam Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Visual Out Metroidvania Features:

  • A vast environment within the dying computer.
  • Six unique abilities and their upgrades that aid in exploration.
  • Manipulatable environment via controlling the flow of power.
  • A mix between a mechanical and digital landscape, rendered with distinctive visual effects and minimalist pixel art.
  • Mysterious ambient-glitch soundtrack by Abstraction Music.
  • Four sectors, each with bosses to overpower and outsmart.

Visual Out began as a Ludum Dare entry in December of 2014. With the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”.
Since receiving positive feedback and taking some time to redesign. The games development resumes without Ludum Dare requirements. While giving MadameBerry a chance to seek funding through her Patreon. Using the fund tocommission music and cover other development costs.

Steam and Itch games release date:

Visual Out will launch on Steam and on March 15th 2018. The metroidvania games release will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows priced at $9.99 USD.

For more information, visit the official website and follow on Twitter.

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