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Void Arena first person RPG to hit Kicsktarter soon

void arena dark fantasy first person rpg to hit kickstarter soon for linux mac and windows pc

Void Arena dark fantasy first person RPG to hit Kickstarter soon for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer High Level Studios. Making it’s way into crowdfunding funding follow by a Steam Early Access release.

Void Arena is due to make it’s way on to Kickstarter, April 13, 2021. Following a successful campaign will start Early Acces. this summer. Which is slated to carry on for less than 12 months. While working with the community to help shape the Unreal Engine 4 title.
Plus, with crowdfunding already targeting Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Developer High Level Studios also wants to start unlocking community goals. At the same time, help spread the word about this dark fantasy first person RPG.

To start things off, lets focus on the Void Arena wilderness encounters, featuring up to 100 players. Also letting players take on the challenge join solo or with a group of up to 5. Within the wilderness, players will find unique enemies, delves and loot. Upon death, a player may choose to return to the sanctuary. Likewise, this means losing any non-soulbound loot that they have found. Letting players also return to life (respawn) up to three times. So they can try and retrieve the loot they lost.

Your Void Arena adventure will start in one of three major cities. These are Sylvannar (Half-Elf), a struggling new colony for the least wanted of society. As well as Kel’Druu (Dwarf), an underground dwarven mining city with a dark under belly. And finally Ban Yakoi (Human), a place once teeming with riches and wealth. Now little more than a barren wasteland.

Void Arena — Early Alpha Gameplay

Once your character progresses through the introductory quest. Players will gain access to the Sanctuary as well as all the abilities in the game. Then the first set of Legendary Armor. At this point, it is up to you whether you want to progress your character through the story or try something else in Void Arena. Since progressing in the story will unlock new areas of the map. Not to mention unique loot, which can always be played with friends across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

If you have already finished the story or if a story narrative is not your cup of tea. Players can also travel to either the Arena or The Wilderness for some PVP action. The Arena can be entered with friends or solo. While the Wilderness is a unique gameplay mode that combines PVP and PVE in cross-platform multiplayer. As a result, this requires you to collect 3 different books to escape with your life and your loot.

Lastly, if you are seeking a challenge and are in need of some loot or crafting materials. Your best bet might be opening one of the two types of rifts in Void Arena.

The ultimate goal in Void Arena to bring balance back to the world. While restoring the grace that it once had, or to find and keep it for yourself and be the eternal ruin of all. Delve into perilous dungeons, loot legendary items, create your own builds to decide the fate of a dying world.


  • Fast Paced First Person Combat
  • IV Act Cinematic Campaign
  • Seasonal & Permanent Characters
  • Competitive & Cooperative Multiplayer
  • Unique Gameplay Mode “The Wilderness”
  • Endless Loot Progression
  • Legendary Artifacts which directly affect how some abilities work
  • Expansive Build Diversity
  • Handcrafted 3D World
  • Choices Matter: shape the world around you with each decision made
  • Complete Character Customization
  • Immersive Crafting System

In Void Arena you can choose 6 active abilities and 4 passive abilities. All from a seemingly endless pool of magic and physical skills. With 180+ different skills in the works, you could probably guess that one of tbe key pillars is “build diversity”. Combat in Void Arena is varied depending on the build that you choose. Some builds are slow and deal with single enemies well. Others thrive on being surrounded by hordes of enemies enjoying healthy buffs for being in the thick of battle. Even still, some can take advantage of speed or ranged combat.

Void Arena dark fantasy first person RPG Kickstarter is coming on April 13, 2021. But the developers want to unlock community goals before the Kickstarter crowdfunding funding begins. Which you can check out on the official website. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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