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Void Eclipse strategy doing well on Kickstarter

void eclipse strategy out now on kickstarter for linux windows pc

Void Eclipse strategy releases on Kickstarter for Windows PC, but also a Linux port. Thanks to developer Tau Ceti Studios. The crowdfunding campaign is 79% funded and lets ou discover your origins.

Since the Steam page for Void Eclipse is live. Tau Ceti Studios also have a planned release date of May 2020. With the Kickstarter project almost 80% funded. The latest update for the turn-based strategy game goes deeper. So we reached out for details about platform support.

Linux Support:

We are using Unreal Engine and would love to do a Linux port. Although that depends on how well our Kickstarter campaign

Since Void Eclipse is close to being funded. This also comes with a ray of hope for Linux. Tau Ceti Studios replied stating they are, “familiar with Linux from my programming background.”

The idea for Void Eclipse started roughly 4 years ago. A tactical card battler with an immersive Sci-Fi story. Tau Ceti Studios is working to make that dream a reality. While keeping the studio independent to allow for further development. Focusing on creating 2 unique alien species with their own rich lore.

Void Eclipse Kickstarter Trailer:

In addition to the 14 planned playable units. Players will be able to interact with NPC’s. Making choices that determine their reputation in the story. A player’s reputation has consequences in Void Eclipse. So this leads you to to become Feared, Admired, or Respected.

The latest playable character released during the Kickstarter, The Shade. Which brings the count of revealed characters to 11. Tau Ceti Studios plans to the release the remaining 3 during the final stretch of their Kickstarter campaign.

Just over 100 copies of the game remain at the early bird Kickstarter discount of 25% off. You can support Void Eclipse by heading to their Kickstarter crowdfunding The game can also Wishlist the game on Steam. So do it for Linux support.

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