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Volcanoids massive combat update releases

volcanoids massive combat update releases for in both linux gaming and windows pc

Volcanoids massive combat update releases for in both Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Volcanoid. Which not expands the game even further via Steam Early Access. And it’s still rocking Very Positive reviews too.

Volcanoids gets a massive combat update for the steampunk survival shooter game. While players must continue to explore the island as a ruthless volcano counts down to its next eruption. But now they can also do so with new gear and guns. Fending off hordes of new robots with a greater variety of weapons. Such as the SMG and Sniper Rifle, and new buildable turrets for your drillship home base.

While Volcanoids has proven itself an Early Access hit. This includes over 100,000 downloads by the builder survival community. Before the combat update, the Volcanoid team opened up a special beta branch on Steam. Since this allowed players to get hands-on with an early combat update build. And as a result, used that feedback to help shape today’s release.

Volcanoids Combat Update – Release Trailer

Volcanoids sets players on a venture onto a forsaken island. One that also comes with mysterious volcanic eruptions triggered by mechanical beings. In order to survive the island’s natural elements, players must take over and upgrade a drillship. So they can dive below eruptions that make the surface unfit to live on for periods of time. By exploring the island, Volcanoids players can discover new blueprints for ship upgrades and equipment. Along with the combat update, there are resources to refine and build. Including rare tech that will turn the battle against the mechanical atrocities. Discover the mystery behind the eruptions. Then reclaim the island as your home on your own. With the new combat update, you can even fight the threat with two to four friends in multiplayer.

Volcanoids massive combat update releases in both Linux gaming and Windows PC. Still in Early Access via Steam. Plus you can also pick up the game with a 25% discount until January 26th. Dropping the price to $14.99 USD.

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