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Voltage High Society due to fight for votes

voltage high Society due to fight for votes linux and windows pc

Voltage High Society first-person metroidvania game shows hope for Linux with Windows PC. Due to the ongoing works from developer Platonic Partnership. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Voltage High Society is a cyberpunk first-person metroidvania, you are a nameless prisoner. On top of that you are thrown into an island ruled by cybernetic monsters. Fight your way through the horrors, gain new weapons, and abilities. All while you look for a way out. Inspired by japanese cyberpunk and Escape from New York. Also featuring gritty retro graphics with modern touches. Its retro.

At this stage unfortunately no. But if we manage to get enough traction we can consider it again.

Above is the forum comment from the developer. Voltage High Society is a game that needs more support. And quite honestly, the gameplay gets the attention.

Voltage High Society Teaser Trailer

At it’s roots, Voltage High Society is a 90’s cyberpunk horror and metroidvania gameplay. A retro puncher influenced by movies like Tetsuo The Iron Man and Escape From New York. While you control a nameless prisoner who is tossed into an island of cybernetic horrors. Fight your way to new weapons and abilities, evolve, and escape or die trying.


    In true Metroidvania-style, the tools you acquire will grant you access to new areas. Voltage High Society has more ways to fight your enemies and solve puzzles.
    Fast-paced and unique combat. As you roam around the levels you’ll constantly run into new monster designs. All due to keep you on your toes. And, instead of having firearms, you´ll do more than just aim & shoot at things.
    Combining both modern & old school tech, black & white visuals and vibrant colors. In Voltage High Society you’ll always have surprises ahead. Since one area might be dark and gritty with menacing monsters. The other a parade of colours with fast-paced arcade combat.

Voltage High Society is due to release the game as an Early Access title. Since you have a chance to have a dialogue with the developer on Steam. Which shows hope for a Linux port after Windows PC.

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