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Voodoo open world survival now on Early Access

voodoo open-world survival now on early access linux mac windows pc gaming 2017

Voodoo open world survival game has a release on Early Access. So the time has come in 2017. Since the game takes place in primal Africa. Where godly and earthly are not yet clearly defined. Yet not yet available for Linux gaming, only Windows for Early Access.

Since humankind is on the brink of civilization in Voodoo. Players will have to build their village with friends or other people that you will find around the island. So by gathering resources and crafting in this open world survival. And, when the time is right, players have to face primal fears by fighting giant Izimus. Since these are all available around the map. So these will make the players civilization advance by discovering new technologies. All while the Izimus are not the only enemy. Players will find wild animals from the prehistoric era and other villages. Because with civilization comes the lust for power.
Will you bring your village to power by being a fearsome warrior, a relentless farmer, or a powerful shaman?

Voodoo trailer (Windows, then Linux)

Voodoo Features:

  • Gorgeous african landscapes: meticulously crafted ambientation. With three different biomes: savannah, desert, and jungle.
  • Giant boss fights in Voodoo: Fight guardian gods with your friends in a multiplayer. Take on shadow of the colossus-like boss fights to unlock new technologies.
  • Build your village: Meet your friends and other players. Create a community based around your village and tribe. Then fight other tribes to show who’s boss!
  • Craft your weapons and equipment: more than 8000 weapons will be craftable with the weapon crafting system, choose wich materials to use in each part of the weapon!

How long will this game be in Early Access?

“Currently we are expecting to be in Early Access for approximately one year. Wow. Yes we feel the exact same. One year is a long time for Early Access with Voodoo. But considering the scope of the concept that we’ve set out to deliver, it’s a fair timeframe. We won’t settle for less than the rich experience we’ve envisioned and that our early supporters have made us promise to deliver. Time is warranted.”

So Voodoo is available now on Early Access for Windows. And while Linux support is scheduled, we do not have a native release yet. But is due for a full release in gaming either late 2017 or 2018.

In one of the most tragic times of our not yet born studio. While a lot of people are leaving. The hard core of the team came up with an idea. Hence a game similar to shadow of the colossus that you could play with your friends. Completely set it in a poorly used setting in video games: Africa.

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