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Vorax survival horror now has a Demo

vorax survival horror game linux and windows pc now has a playable demo

Vorax survival horror game Linux and Windows PC now has a playable Demo. Which is the work and creativity of developer IndieGala. Yours to explore right now on Steam.

Indie publisher IndieGala has announced the alpha demo of Vorax. The impressive new survival horror game coming to Steam. Which now gives all players a chance to play until August 28th. Which also happens to run on Linux via Proton. Plus it’s a fairly stunning looking game.

Vorax is set on a Mediterranean island where a mysterious pathogen has infected the local population. As part of a NATO special intervention team, you have been sent to the island. Due to find out what is actually happening. Check out some of the gameplay below.

Vorax Inside. – Alpha

Craft tools, build barricades, and construct traps. You will also upgrade, and maintain your shelter to survive. All while you uncover the dark origins of the virus and its horrible mutating effects. How long can you survive on the island when you are being hunted by voracious creatures?

Low on food and equipped with only a small survival kit in Vorax. You’ll also need to build fences and traps. As well as find, upgrade, and maintain your shelter to survive. What is due to be a simple mission quickly turns into a fight for survival. Since your helicopter has crashed, now stranded on the island, alone.


  • A Large and Detailed Game Setting
  • Urban areas, sewers, caves, and various different areas to explore
  • Unique enemies with different attack patterns
  • A unique and realistic tactical helmet with military HUD
  • Building barricades, fences, and traps to fortify the base.
  • Craft tools and weapons in Vorax
  • hunting and cooking food
  • Treat wounds and other injuries
  • Wide array of both conventional and non conventional weapons
  • A day night cycle and dynamic weather
  • Unique stress and sleep mechanics

Vorax is a unique survival horror game coming to Linux and Windows PC via Steam. But right now you can play the Demo via Proton.
Hint: Check out the README_Keybind.txt file for all the controls.