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Voxel Tycoon management sim releases this week

voxel tycoon management sim releases this week in early access for linux gaming mac windows pc

Voxel Tycoon management sim releases this week in Early Access for Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Voxel Tycoon. Due to make a debut later this week on Steam.

Voxel Tycoon is a management sim set in the infinite voxel world. Gameplay will have you mine resources and process them into goods via unique factories. After that, you can build supply chains and passenger routes. Offering up a huge fleet of trains, trucks, and buses. Turning small cities into a huge thriving economy. Which all begins in Early Access on April 15th.

Gameplay will offer more than 50 vehicles starting from steam to electric. Of course, every vehicle will have its own unique properties for you to take into account. So you should be savvy when buying and building them. Thanks to the developers’ physics simulation, vehicles will behave uniquely based on weight. Which will also depict the type and amount of cargo they can carry, their motive power, and grades.

The trains in Voxel Tycoon management sim will release with flexible scheduling. So you can select exact tracks where trains need to arrive at certain stations. Plus you can select which railcars should load or unload at a given stop. Which you mean you have to take care of bridges and tunnels. This includes the signal system, letting you build and expand freely.

Make sure to also set up the right factories. Making to set up mining, process the raw materials using crushers, furnaces, refineries, and other machinery.
Also note, complex production chains require complex logistics. So make sure to fund and supply research of new tech. Making sure to unlock new buildings, production chains, and vehicles.

Voxel Tycoon Steam Early Access Trailer

Voxel Tycoon releases with an unlimited procedurally generated world. This includes anything from deserts to arctic tundra. Then unlock new regions to find rare resources and new development opportunities.

Since every city has its own needs, the growth of a city doesn’t increase the number of goods required. There are higher stages of development to move away from the basics. These require more complex and expensive products.

This is a unique management sim. This means not focusing all of your efforts on freight. Since people have destinations to get to as well. Be sure to manage passenger flow between cities, and treat them with care. There are different passengers heading to different places.


Voxel Tycoon development will allow a lot of aspects can be modded. From changing existing config files to adding new vehicles and buildings. This includes resources, production technologies, research, and any other supported content to writing custom logic using C#. The game is bundled with the always up to date modding tools. It will be interesting to see this working via Steam Workshop and Linux gaming. And it also looks like the game will be in “Early Access for at least two years.”

Voxel Tycoon management sim releases on April 15th. Due to arrive in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Therefore, be sure to Wishlist it on Steam.

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