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Vulture gets Multiplayer and huge discount

vulture gets multiplayer and huge discount linux ubuntu mac windows

Vulture arcade shoot em up now has multiplayer and huge discount for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since Patch 1.3.0 adds two player local co-op play to Vulture with a deal.

So now a second player can join a game in progress from the Hangar screen. Just press the assigned player 2 start button on controller 2 or keyboard. Or click on the “Player two start” indicator on that same screen. The second player may also exit the game from the Hangar screen if they wish to end their play session.

Now this is all great, but do keep in mind. This is ONLY local multiplayer. So if you want to jump into some couch gaming with a friend, this is it. And to be honest, I would much rather play online multiplayer.

Vulture Teaser (Linux, Mac, Windows)

This patch has been a long time coming and Cubic Timeline Productions Inc. are eager to release such a major improvement. Player can configure player keyboard and controller assignments. Doing so from the Options menu on the title screen for both players. From the Option menu you can also assign mouse input to a single player.

Vulture will has you destroying enemy drones for power-ups, blocks and credits. Then using the blocks you find to build better drones in the editor. With hundreds of blocks, you can create any design you want.

  • Hull Blocks: Increase durability and provide structure
  • Wing Blocks: Increase maneuverability
  • Weapon Blocks: Provide firepower
  • System Blocks: Provide Power and CPU for weapons
  • Shield Blocks: Provide additional protection
  • Engine Blocks: Increase speed

Multiplayer and Change Log:

  • Added local co-op support to main game
  • New Multiplayer UI elements to core game screens
  • Additional Multiplayer UI elements to Hangar Screen
  • Player 2 controller configuration to options menu.
  • Added player scoring distinctions
  • Improved mouse support
  • Made a secret achievement more reasonable

Steam Summer Sale discount:

Vulture is currently available on Steam with a huge 75% discount. So this bring the price down from $9.99 USD to $2.49 USD. A great deal for a vastly under-rated game.

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