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Vulture newest version with big Steam discount

vulture vertical shooter newest version and discount linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Cubic Timeline Productions Inc. is proud to announce the newest version of Vulture. So you can get it now for 40% off in the Steam Store sale for $5.99 USD. The games singleplayer challenge is available on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

Vulture Version 1.1.2 includes the following changes:

  • New Tutorial with additional interaction and explanations
  • Block and item balancing
  • All achievements fully functioning
  • Additional audio equalization

So developer Cubic Timeline Productions are paying close attention to the comments. Since the players themselves help infuse changes. As well as allow the developer to re-design the tutorial. All based on their feedback. So now the tutorial is more interactive. Also making it more obvious to how blocks interact with each other.

Vulture Launch Trailer:

When people are scarce, machines do the fighting. So players take control of an aerial drone. While helping the planet fend off the invaders in Vulture. So yes, this indeed an arcade-style shoot-em-up. Customize your drone with the in-game editor for maximum firepower. Build it up for better durability and speed. With many different weapons, shields and systems. You’re sure to find a build that suits your style.

“We wanted to give players an updated and more customizable twist. All on a game genre that was very popular in its day,” said writer Andrew Wilton. Game review site Alpha Beta Gamer said “[Vulture]’s a fun looking game that offers a great twist on the classic arcade vertical shooter. A build ‘em up Shoot ‘em up well worth checking out.”

Pilot your drone through 9 levels of intense combat. While collecting blocks and powerups to defeat your enemies.
So, do you have what it takes?

Vulture newest version is now discounted 40% on the Steam until November 28th, 2017. Since that means the games priced at $5.99 for Linux, Ubuntu, mac and Windows.