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Vulture Strike side-scrolling shooter on Greenlight with Linux Demo

vulture strike side-scrolling shooter on greenlight with linux demo in gaming news

Vulture Strike, a challenging side-scrolling #shooter with #timetravel mechanics. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the #gameplay takes players between 2 parallel timelines. But the real news, the game is now on Greenlight gaming.

So that’s not all, a multi-language demo is available. Including 2 levels and 3 difficulty settings for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Here is the download link. While all texts can be set to English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Spanish.

Vulture Strike trailer:

So Vulture Strike is a classic shooter but also has a unique parallel timelines system. While allows for an infinite amount of different approach to it’s challenging levels. Yet also issues unlimited potential for the highest possible score.

One benefit, pay close attention to is the colorful silhouettes around your ship. Hence this indicates the dangers in the parallel timeline. Also pay close attention before using the Wormhole mechanic. Where you could end up in a more dangerous situation. So make sure to use the Expand Vision button as well.

So one important note while gaming, put yourself in dangerous situations right before opening a Wormhole. This will increase your score multiplier with a huge jump. Hence allowing you to gain some very impressive points. And the Frenzy gauge will fill accordingly to each time you open a Wormhole. So when it’s completely filled, Frenzy Mode kicks in for a limited time.

Increase your score by taking high risks in Vulture Strike
By putting yourself in dangerous situations right before opening a Wormhole, your score multiplier will increase greatly, allowing you to sum impressive amounts of points. Activate Frenzy Mode by filling up the Frenzy gauge.

Vulture Strike is currently looking for your vote on Greenlight. The graphics and gaming style makes for some unique news in a classic genre.

For more detailed information, check out the official website. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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