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Vulture vertical shooter sandbox hits Linux

vulture vertical shooter sandbox hits linux ubuntu mac windows pc

Since Cubic Timeline Productions just released their newest game. Hence this arcade-style shooter called Vulture. Which is now available on Steam for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Yet personally, the whole concept of the game has me curious. Which is a true flashback to similar games of the genre. Yet now, we have a unique feature and mechanic. Sort of like SpaceRun but the games not a side-scroller.

So Vulture is a build-em-up arcade shooter with a true retro aspect. Since the game introduces a block-based construction mechanic. Which allows players to collect blocks to build bigger and better drones. As well as a destruction mechanic that allows drones to have blocks blown off but keep flying. So yes these features are unique in nature of the games style. Since players can customize their play experience.

Vulture Preview Trailer:

“We wanted to give players an updated and more customizable twist on a game. A genre that was very popular in its day,” said writer Andrew Wilton. “There is some nostalgia for older games these days and we wanted to make our own game while doing justice to the genre.” Alpha Beta Gamer said “[Vulture]’s a fun looking game that offers a great twist on the classic arcade vertical shooter. A build ‘em up Shoot ‘em up well worth checking out.”

In Vulture, players control a drone provided by the local military. Since it engages various types of enemies who have invaded the planet. As the player progresses through 9 levels of intense combat. They will encounter increasingly larger and more powerful enemies. Players receive a rank at the end of each level. Which revolves around their score and number of enemies destroyed. High rankings give better rewards!

Check out Vulture now available on Steam for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. As well as a 30% discount until September 15th.

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