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VVVVVV – Make And Play Edition available for Linux, Mac, and Windows

 VVVVVV Make And Play Edition free  for Linux Mac and Windows

E3 is dying down and we are returning to some semblance of normality. That means we might actually find time to play some #games on this computer rather than watching hundreds of trailers and livestreams about games lookinig release in December 2015. It also means we can take a moment out of the day to report on good news from Terry Cavanagh. The designer of fiendish musical masterpiece Super Hexagon has released a free version of his acclaimed spike-dodger VVVVVV and it is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux.

VVVVVV: Make And Play Edition does not include the game’s lovely narrative or Terry’s original levels, but it does contain the editor and a selection of player constructions. There’s an editor tutorial here and an example of the kind of cruel tests you should force people to endure in the video below.

Not a chance. Terry says this:

Let’s start with what I consider the really important thing – inspired by things like Knytt Stories and DROD: Architect’s Edition, I’m releasing a special build of VVVVVV on Windows, Mac and Linux today. It’s called VVVVVV: Make and Play Edition, and it’s completely free. This version of the game only includes the player levels and the level editor – which means that, from now on, the tools to make and play VVVVVV player levels are completely free.

“Start with”? What else? Ports!

In addition, the regular edition of VVVVVV has been updated to version 2.2, which fixes bugs and brings official Steam Achievements to the game. And the game has been ported to iPhone, iPad, Android, and OUYA, along with a special iOS and Android version of the Super Gravitron. Because obviously the most sensible thing to do with an expensive and easily throwable device is put a frustrating mini-game on it.

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