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Waiting For The Raven espionage gets native build

waiting for the raven espionage gets native linux support with mac and windows pc

Waiting For The Raven unique game of espionage gets native Linux build beside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie game developer Musclebird. Currently available in Steam Early Access. While 20 players report 100% Positive reviews.

The official release of Waiting For The Raven marks a unique game of espionage. While also takes place in a dark underworld blending several gaming genres. All coming together into a compelling experimental atmospheric hybrid. Since this blends first person and top-down environments. Featuring mysteries to solve, letters to decipher, and truths to discover about your foes. Since gameplay offers RTS and quest-like elements.

Waiting For The Raven includes two out of three planned chapters. While each offers distinct methods of play. Combining these two chapters offers about 15-25 hours of gameplay. Including the game’ core systems which are complete and functional. Likewise, the economy, puzzles, decoding and encryption systems are all finished. So the foundation is ready for the third and final chapter. All based on Early Access feedback and final improvements. Due to get an official release in about 3 months.

Since the core features are complete. Reaching out to Musclebird regarding Linux support seems unavoidable.

Linux should be fairly quick and easy to support build for.

This is only part of the reply. Since Musclebird is unsure anyone from the community would appreciate the game. Since Linux is such a small community. And as a result, this is why we do not have native already. But this unique game of espionage now has native Linux support, which is up on Steam.

Waiting For The Raven – Early Access Video

At first glance, Waiting For The Raven may seem rather casual. But in fact includes the chapter The Oracles Of The Night and The Constabulary. In the former you play Julianna, a follower in a secret order dealing with spies. While in the latter, you play from a Police point of view. Since this offers an entirely different story and gameplay mechanics.

You can also expect multiple endings. Since you can play one of several characters. Some of which are locked to begin with. But you can run your underworld empire from the confinement of your location. A raven is your informant that delivers letters to your co-conspirators. So hire agents, spy on people and recruit assassins. Then overtake cites and carry out contract hits. Gameplay has it all. Letters with clues that you have to figure out. You can also get rid of foes in many interesting ways.

Waiting For The Raven features an English only story in superb quality. And as a result, the medieval and fantasy themed gameplay is more apt for fans of unique experimental indie games. Strategy and simulation fans will also feel at home. Since the game can be played from several perspectives. Such as becoming a leader of the underworld. Or a cult if you prefer. You can even be a greedy businessman or an undercover spymaster. The choice is yours and the approach and path you take has an impact on those around you. Including their idea of you, which may change over time. Betrayal, spying, abductions and contract assassinations. Including schemes, bribes and persuasion are all part of your armory of tools to exploit. How will you play? And which path will you follow?

The release:

Waiting For The Raven espionage gets native Linux build with Mac and Windows PC. Available now on Steam priced at $14.99 USD.