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Wander Stars turn-based RPG likely to see a port

wander stars turn-based rpg game very likely to see a port for linux with windows pc

Wander Stars turn-based RPG game very likely to see a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Paper Castle Games. Due to make its way onto a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Independent developer Paper Castle Games has released an official teaser trailer. All for the upcoming turn-based RPG game with roguelite elements, Wander Stars. While you combine words and make your own fighting techniques in a story driven adventure. All taking inspiration by 90s anime. The game is due to launch on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch. But there are also plans for Linux, according to the developer email reply.

Our previous game Underhero, has a native Linux port so it is very likely that Wander Stars will have one as well.

It would also be no surprise to know that Wander Stars is developed in Unity3D 2021. There is also a very similar reply in a Discussions post on Steam. Should you feel compelled to share some Tux Love or a +1. However, since the developer’s previous game has Linux support. It’s a pleasure to plans are in place, prior to the Kickstarter campaign.

Wander Stars Steam Page! (Teaser Trailer)

The story of Wander Stars follows Ringo. A young martial artist looking for her brother, and Wolfe. A mysterious scoundrel running from his past. So, as they join forces in an unlikely partnership. Al due to collect the pieces of the Wanderstar Map.


  • Make your own attacks – Collect and combine different types of words to make your own fighting techniques. Such as a SUPER AWESOME FIRE KICK!
  • An anime you can play – Each Wander Stars run plays like an anime episode. Since you will experience the adventure through exciting cutscenes and intense battles.
  • Wander into adventure – Explore every place you visit through a randomized map. As you find treasures, rivals, special events, and more!
  • Binge and reruns – Replay episodes to learn hidden aspects of the story. Find any events you missed and train to earn permanent upgrades.

Wander Stars turn-based RPG game is due to arrive on Windows PC and a very likely Linux port. Due to release on Steam and GOG, so be sure to Wishlist the game now. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is due to arrive in 2022. The date is technically TBD.

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