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[WANTED] 2D Online Puzzle/Action Game Developers

Team name:
Coldsnap Games (Unregistered, possible to change before release)

Project name:
Currently unnamed project

Brief description:
The project will be a top-down, online, puzzle and action-based game. Four players will be matched into a group (friends can join to be matched together) and enter dungeons where they will be required to work together to solve difficult puzzles and defeat enemies. Throughout the dungeon players are awarded various items and currency. Instead of a traditional character leveling system, players use experience points to level up weapons and armor which improves the stat bonuses on the item. Items all have their own starting and maximum level, so players can’t just use the same item forever, eventually they’ll want to upgrade to a better one. During the grouping process, players are matched by the average level of their equipment. Enemies in the dungeon can take and deal damage that is modified by the average level of everyone in the group. Outside of dungeons, there is a small town where players can use a global auction house to purchase and sell items and equipment from other players as well as other features which all focus on a single-player experience.

Target aim:

Potential revenue which will be agreed on prior to beginning work, however I’m not against offering compensation post completion if you so wish.

Target System: Windows, Mac, Linux
Programming: C++ using the SFML library, compiled using GCC
If possible, online distribution through Steam.

Talent needed:
2D/Pixel Artist – Your job is to design customizable player sprites, various tilesets, UI elements and whatever else is required.
Programmer – Mainly needed for the networking aspects.
Level Designer – Design schematics for dungeons, think of puzzles and solutions that are both challenging and fun.

Anyone interested in joining the team who is looking for a long term project this is it, after release I hope to have some form of a schedule for releasing updates around four times a year in the form of low priced DLC if the game goes well.

Team structure:

Currently I am the sole developer of the game. I do all the programming, sound creation and game mechanics design.

A website will be setup when the time is appropriate. At this point the game is still in the early stages of development and consists entirely of nothing but lots and lots of text most of which is code some of which is a design document.


E-Mail: [email protected]
Skype: mjrasicci

Feel free to post here or send a PM on the forums as well.

Previous Work by Team:

When braking into the field of game development I started by using engines, complexity varying the likes of Game Maker, RPG Maker etc. to Unity, Torque and the UDK. The projects I have completed from scratch are:

Play With Yourself 1 & 2 – Two games with a humorous story line which was used to give a twist to the boring old learning curve of Pac-man, Mario clone, Pong, Tetris etc. mini-game based with plenty of jokes. Nothing particularly impressive but a fun project and was the first notable game I completed in full C++.

Dungeons And Dragons – A way to play D&D (fourth edition) over LAN with groups up to 10 with a DM and all in a fully customizable world for players to explore and control. The game was released at a small scale to family and friends which spread in our local area decently to the point where weekly games occurred for a while. For obvious (IP related) reasons, the game was mainly a project for practicing my skills and nothing more which is why I only released it on a small scale. The last thing I need is to get in trouble with WOTC. Sadly, the source code was lost in the great formatting of ‘09.

This is my first serious project and hopefully will do mildly well.

Additional Info:

The world outside of dungeons is meant to be a place that the player can enjoy themselves in while waiting for a group. Your personal home can be customized to your liking allowing imported art assets to be used. You can also change the layout of your town, move buildings, interact with NPC’s, play mini-games etc. The game is supposed to have a light, casual atmosphere and darker parts should seem almost like a cliche attempt at creating a horror game, think back to the underworld in Mario. Player customization is available for many aspects of game play.

About Me:
My name is Mike, I’m a CS major with an emphasis in programming. I’ve been programming since I was 10 with Visual Basic and I eventually moved onto C# then Java and then beginning C++ about 6 years ago. I’m also a musician, I play guitar, piano and drums. I’m pretty easy to get along with, I like lots of communication and really like people who bring their own ideas to the table (I know artists generally hate having very little to work with and prefer being told exactly what needs to be done) no matter what those ideas may be. Don’t be afraid of your work not being used, if you do something I do have an issue with (rare, I’m very easy going) I’ll simply point out what aspects of it I think could be changed. The only thing I have difficulty tolerating is not getting things done. I understand this isn’t the number one priority in your life no matter who you are, but there is a point when I simply can’t accept someone slowing down production.

Any (If negative, try to throw some constructive comments in there)


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