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War Tech Fighters mech action and Early Access

war tech fighters mech action and early access linux mac windows games steam

Since both Green Man Gaming Publishing and Drakkar Dev are unleashing War Tech Fighters. Hence the rapid-fire, mecha-in-space, fury coming on August 16th. This love letter to Japanese anime and blockbuster action is launching onto Steam Early Access for Windows. All whole using the explosive force of a shoulder mounted, ten tonne, missile barrage.
So players become a mecha and fully customize its appearance. This includes the loadout, in some of the most over the top action this side of the galaxy. Since it might be the love child between Michael Bay and Evangelion. So lead the assault on Zatros with fists of iron and lazer sword in hand. Pilotting your fully equipped, spaceship shredding War Tech. All built to fight for the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares and reclaim your homeland.

Linux release:

Hello Todd,

A Linux port is on the list. It will probably be done towards the end of development though.

So clearly War Tech Fighters will not be available until close to launch. Since the games development uses Unity 3D, this would explain the Linux port. Not that I’m all that keen on waiting for a full release. Hopefully we will see Beta tree Linux builds for this Transformers-like combat game. While it’s obvious that keeping platform support limited to Windows, makes development that much faster.

“Our current plan is to work on the game for an additional six months from Early Access launch, but this may be extended to ensure the greatest possible experience for players.”

Since games design is for mecha enthusiasts and fans of intense space combat action. The War Tech Fighters early access launch will provide the robo-battling community to help. Therefore balancing the games deep upgrade system and flow of gameplay styles. War Tech Fighters brings mecha destroying fans the chance to play in all out action. Using stealth and puzzle sections while taking on single player missions. Even simulator challenges and survival arenas. Oh yeah, the mayhem is real.

War Tech Fighters – Trailer:

War Tech Fighters Features in Early Access

  • Control A Fully Equipped War Tech – Destroy your enemies in long-range combat with guns and missiles, or get up close and personal with swords and shields.
  • Customization – Hundreds and thousands of combinations of mecha parts, weapons and colors to truly stand out on the battlefield.
  • Upgrades – Three base robot sets, each with specific bonuses, and over 150 upgradable robot parts.
  • Research & Development – Research new upgrade projects to enhance your War Tech, and develop weapons ranging from missile launchers to anti-matter cannons.
  • Level Up – Gain experience through combat to level up your War Tech pilot to gain improved attack/defence bonuses.
  • Intense Single Player Missions – Experience the first 12 missions of Captain Nathan Romanis’ battle across the galaxy.
  • Simulator Bridge – Train your War Tech by replaying missions, or take on special Challenges to gain experience and add-ons to improve your machine.
  • Survival Mode – Test yourself to the limit in an infinite survival mode arena, and walk away with special rewards.

Game Description

While travelling across the galaxy, the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares join forces. Battling against the Zatros empire with the deadliest weapons ever built, War Techs. Taking space combat to a whole new level. War Techs are giant mechas that combine cold precision and state of the art technology for the battle of space.

War Tech Fighters is a space action game coming to Windows, and later Linux. Since games design combines the spectacular action of Japanese Anime with Hollywood Blockbusters. So players configure, upgrade and customize your War Tech. Then dive into battle to fight back the Zatronian forces and save your Galaxy

Pre-purchase available on Green Man Gaming and Humble Store and Early Access Steam.

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