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War Thunder adds more in Sons of Attila

war thunder mmo military game received the sons of attila update on linux steam deck mac windows pc

War Thunder military MMO game received the Sons of Attila update on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks once again to the dedication of developer Gaijin Entertainment. Available now on Steam, Free to Play.

If you’re a fan of intense military action and strategy, there’s some great news you might want to know about. War Thunder, the renowned online military MMO game, has just rolled out its major Sons of Attila update. And trust me, this War Thunder update is something you won’t want to miss.

First, let’s talk about the hardware. Ever heard of the Leclerc AZUR or the Leopard 2 PSO tanks? These beasts also have a specific design, for urban warfare. Meaning they can weave and fight through city streets like no other in War Thunder. Then there’s the Super Etendard attack aircraft. A bit of history here – this aircraft played a big role during the Falklands War. It’s the very same model used by the Argentine Air Force to sink the British destroyer, Sheffield. The VIDAR SPG, on the other hand, is an export variant of the South Korean K9 Thunder. And it’s been making waves in the global arms scene recently.

Now, for those who like soaring through the skies in War Thunder, the Sons of Attila brings seven new helicopters. From the powerful OH-58D is in use by the U.S. and China to a line-up of Hungarian choppers like the Mi-24 variants. So there’s a lot to explore. A standout here is the Mi-8TV. This is not just any helicopter; it’s an assault version that boasts the most powerful payload capacity.

Sons of Attila Update – War Thunder

And here’s something unique for fans of modern aircraft tech: voice informant warnings. Russian pilots often refer to them as “Rita”, while American pilots call them “Bitchin’ Betty”. These voice systems alert you to potential dangers like low altitude or critical overloads. Due to make your flying experience even deeper in War Thunder. Some notable aircraft that will be coming with “Rita” include the Ka-50, Mi-28N, and MiG-29. Meanwhile, “Betty” will be featured on the likes of the F-16 and AH-64D.

So, if you haven’t ventured into the world of War Thunder yet, it’s a massive online game that brings together players from different platforms. Whether you’re on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, or a Windows PC, you can join in. With over 2000+ aircraft, armored vehicles, and ships from different eras, every session offers a trip through history. And the best part? Each vehicle you come across has been carefully researched to be as historically accurate as possible.

Give this military MMO title a shot and immerse yourself in this expansive War Thunder universe. With continuous upgrades and additions from Gaijin Entertainment, there’s always something new waiting for you on Linux and Steam Deck. Available Free to Play on Steam.

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