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War Thunder and  Update 1.79 Project X

war thunder update 1.79 project x on linux mac windows

Gaijin Entertainment has released Update 1.79 ‘Project X’ on Linux, Mac and Windows. This is also the second massive update to the military vehicle combat game. With more new and reworked vehicles and aircraft.

So now that War Thunder has more than two dozen new and reworked ground vehicles and aircraft. There is also a massive new location based on the Italian peninsula. So this combines arms battles, a new map titled ‘Lagoda’ for aerial battles. And a complete rework of the game’s sound effects for all aircraft. Giving ‘Project X’ a vast amount of new content for the game.

1.79 update also expands the selection of modern era vehicles. This this includes available War Thunder vehicles going back to the early 90’s. The most modern tanks in the game now are Japan’s Type 90 Kyū-maru. And late modification of the German Leopard 2A4.

France takes delivery of the  AMX-40, and the Soviet Union adds the T-62M-1. Britain now fields a modernized version of the Centurion AVRE engineering tank. While the US sees the two competing XM-1 prototypes from Chrysler and General Motors. One of which would later evolve into the famous M1 Abrams. Which is already available in War Thunder.

War Thunder: update 1.79 Project X (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In the hangar players can now utilize “Protection Analysis”. This function allows players to choose a tank and check the vulnerability of any part of it. For the attacking side players can set a model of a tank. Also the type of shell, distance and direction of a hit. A complicated algorithm will show the chance of a ricochet. This also includes penetration and which modules of the attacked tank will be damaged by the hit.

‘Project X’ brings many new aircraft to the fray. Such as the US’ FJ-4B ‘Fury’ naval jet and the Soviet Union’s IL-28Sh jet bomber. The German twin-boom heavy fighter Bf 109Z ‘Zwilling’. And also the game’s first indigenous Romanian fighter aircraft, the I.A.R. 81-C.

War Thunder aviation now features a completely new weapon. These are remote control bombs, whose flight can be slightly corrected to hit targets more precisely. A perfect weapon against ships.

All aircraft in War Thunder, from biplanes to jets, now have new sound effects. So this is an improvement for engines, weapons, mechanisms and more.
Sound effects now vary realistically depending on player point of view and actual vehicle position. Closed cockpits now properly muffle exterior noises. Allowing pilots to hear the distinct inner workings of their machine, while bullets and aircraft whizzing by leave lasting and recognizable impressions.

For more detailed information about War Thunder Update 1.79 ‘Project X’ on Linux, Mac and Windows. Make sure to check out the official announcement trailer above. This is probably the first trailer that actually gives detailed information. And really highlighting what you need to know about the new content and changes. Also, make sure to check out the official website.

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