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Warbanners turn-based RPG strategy now on Greenlight

warbanners turn-based strategy games greenlight linux mac pc

Warbanners is a fast-paced, story-driven game now on Greenlight. While developer Vlad Konung is using #GameMaker: Studio to create his masterpiece. Hence the challenging #turnbased #strategy games role-playing elements will be available across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So as commander of the mercenary squad known as the games “Silver Griffins”. Here players will discover ancient artifacts, solve dark mysteries while they crush their enemies. How adventure unfolds is up to you: along the way you will be to call upon to make difficult choices. So many of the turn-based strategy scenarios will have unforeseen consequences.

Warbanners‘ combat mechanics include consideration of a number of factors. Hence the lighting levels, direction of gaze, morale, and fatigue. Additionally, many of the objects on the battlefield are interactive.

Complex tactical battles are the key feature of Warbanners. The major role played by the landscape and the degree of the battlefield illumination. Many terrain objects are interactive: the trees can be cut down, water can be freezen, the fire can be put out. Hence the battle system is focusing on the action points. So among other things, takes into consideration the morale and fatigue of warriors.

Warbanners Gameplay

For example, you can cut down or set fire to trees, and freeze rivers to change the landscape to your advantage. Why not build a bridge or a barricade, dig ditches, or move objects to confound your enemies? As your mercenaries level up, they will learn new skills and their attributes will improve. Further, each “Griffin” can be equip magical potions and artifacts to imbue them with a plethora of buffs. Finally, you can bolster your company with the Assistants scattered throughout the world. They do not fight, but for a modest joining fee will convey bonuses that may just turn the tide of battle in your favour.
The campaign consists of a chain of missions with forks and branches. Most missions contain elements of text quests and require deliberated decision-making.

So Warbanners is currently looking for vote on Greenlight. Hence expecting to release the game in the autumn of 2017.

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