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Warbanners turn-based tactics release date

Warbanners turn-based tactics release date in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Crasleen Games, creators of enjoyable fantasy games. Hence the deep tactical combat including Drums of War. Now announcing the release date for Warbanners. Which will debut for Linux, Ubuntu and Windows PC on October 18th via Steam.

So Warbanners is an indie, meticulously designed, turn-based, tactical strategy game. While also coming with role-playing elements. Players manage a squad of mercenaries, experiencing a campaign of 42 missions. Yet strategically fighting towards becoming a legend equal to the ancient ones. So have to master a multi-faceted battle system. Learning how to exploit everything from the terrain to your special units in your road to victory.

Warbanners gameplay trailer:

Warbanners Features:

  • Create a unique army: hire and equip soldiers, develop their fighting qualities, and learn new skills.
  • Hire assistants: although they do not participate in battles, assistants give different bonuses, including a formidable catapult, poisoning enemies, increasing morale, and much more.
  • Immerse yourself in a multi-faceted battle system that takes into account a variety of factors, including landscape and lighting, the direction of the unit’s gaze, morale, and fatigue.
  • Use the environment for tactical purposes: freeze rivers, chop and burn trees, dig trenches, build bridges and barricades, and so on.
  • Choose the optimal level of difficulty: from easy for beginners, to nightmarish for sophisticated tacticians.

While every step is marked by blood and iron. An invisible but deadly threat becomes more tangible. Since darkness, brooding in the corners of the soul, becomes ever more palpable….
Since I’m not one for RTS or tactical games, Warbanners has my attention.

The release date for Warbanners will be on October 18th via Steam. Since the games set to debut on Linux, Ubuntu and Windows. YeT there is no word on the launch price just yet. Or if we can expect to have a release discount. Stay tuned for more details.

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